Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekend Update: Labor Day Weekend in Jacksonville:

Happy Labor Day! 

Our weekend started off on Thursday afternoon, as we headed down to Jacksonville!! I love that we live so much closer to home now and are able to make trips like this whenever we want!

Friday afternoon was spent pool side at my parents house. Then in the evening we headed out to meet some friends for dinner and of course after dinner cocktails with even more friends! Thanks to Nana and Papa for babysitting Charli and allowing us to have adult time... This of course was what I saw as we were walking out the door...

I just had to run out and snap a couple of pictures... Only at Nana and Papa's house... That is one happy nakey baby right there! ;)

Saturday was GAME DAY!!!!!!! Gator football has officially begun and I was so excited that we were able to head down to Gainesville with some of my best friends for the first game of the season, while my parents watched Charli for the day! Charli was of course rocking her Gator Game Day Gear as well!

 Steven just wanted to make sure everyone knew just how excited he was to be going to the Gator game... ;) (he's a Razorback... But we all know what marriage can do in the football world!) ;)

There is something about Football, Friends, Tailgating, Adult Beverages, and of course Orange and Blue, that makes this girl oh so very happy!! ;)

And yes, we are all wearing Jack Rogers! Yep, Best Friends! haha! 

Heeeeeere come the Gators!

Side note: We were on the jumbo tron 4 times! haha!



We spotted Shannon and Brooke right above us!! 

We had an absolute blast with our friends and at the game, even if it was 987217 degrees outside and I was pretty sure I was dieing by the start of the third quarter ;),  and of course a GATOR WIN makes everything better!!!! 

Sunday was a pretty relaxing day... spent outside in my parents backyard... 

Their backyard is so beautiful (thanks to my mom and her very green thumb) ;)! I definitely did not inherit those genes... But I am pretty sure Charli did!

Already helping Nana out and loving it! She loves everything about plants, trees, and nature! 

After helping Nana water some plants, and work in the yard, Charli was ready for the pool... But she couldn't go in just yet... And this my friends is what happens when the gate (that my dad built) is closed...

Baby Jail! Poor thing just wanted to go swimming! ;)

Of course she did, and was one happy girl after that! 

Charli has also been doing even better with putting her face in the water! Such a big girl! I have a feeling she might be a swimmer just like her mommy! ;)

Some family and friends also came over and spent the day pool side with us! It was a perfect way to end our weekend!

This was my cousin Stacey's first time meeting Charli, and I think it was love at first site (for both of them)! Charli latched right on!

Charli also latched right on to her cousin Riley (Stacey's little girl)!! This is what they did all day, holding hands, walking, and talking... I am pretty sure it is the cutest thing I have ever seen! 

Charli with her Auntie Brooke!

With Nana and Hannah! 

Charli with Stacey's husband Corey and Riley

 After the pool, Uncle Darren got her dressed... Just rocking some kicks is all!

Like Uncle, Like Niece?! haha

And of course we didn't forget about the fur children... They love when we go to Nana and Papa's house too...

All in all, it was a perfect Sunday!

Then this morning we headed back home. We had a perfect weekend though and are so happy we could spend so much time with our family! 

Hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend!

P.S. I will be heading back down (all by myself) in a couple of weeks for a Girls Weekend with some of my best friends for the Mumford and Sons Festival!!!!!! I have not had a 'Girls Weekend' in 3 years and seriously am SO excited and cannot wait!!! Wooooo!!!!! 

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  1. Charli's gameday outfit turned out so cute! And good gosh - she looks so grown up in it!