Monday, September 23, 2013

Grammy Visits Charleston: Part I:

(This will be brought to you in a two part post so you aren't bombarded with 80 some pictures all at once... You're welcome) ;)

Steven's mom arrived Wednesday afternoon and we were all very excited to see her and our guest room had another visitor!

 If you remember, this was only the second time Steven's mom has met Charli. The first was when Charli was 1 month old... So you can imagine the total change from the first to second time of meeting her very first/only grandchild! Charli took right to her Grammy and has loved every minute with her since! 

Thursday was a relaxing morning, then we headed into Park Circle to grab some lunch (and beers of course) at Madra Rua Irish Pub!

And even better... Daddy was able to join us! 

Daddy's little girl for sure!

After lunch, we headed to base to show Mary where Steven works (but first stop was to see Charlie the Alligator) ;) Even though we didn't see him on this trip (Steven did take his mom, brother, and sister back a few days later and all 800lbs of Charlie climbed out of the water and showed himself), but this trip was all about the babies...

Late Thursday evening, Steven's brother and sister arrived safe and sound! 

Friday morning Charli woke up to not only Grammy, but to Uncle Amia and Aunt Jettie!! Needless to say, our little girl was happy, to say the least! ;) And Friday was Uncle Amia's Birthday (even better)!! So Friday we headed out to Isle of Palms for a full day at the beach! 

Grammy and Aunt Jettie


Charli has zero fear of the Ocean (which I love that she is such a water baby... but good Lord you can't take your eyes off of her for a second, because she was running into the crashing waves, laughing... Good thing I had 4 other sets of hands!)

And I am absolutely in LOVE with this picture that I captured!

We managed to get Charli out of the water to play for a little bit... which consisted of digging, running, eating sand, playing football, and building her first sand castle! 

What an absolutely perfect day at the beach with family! 

Then it was back to the house (after of course making a pit stop at the Apple store to buy me the brand new Gold iPhone 5S, which by the way is amazing), for dinner and cake for the Birthday Boy!  

 Then thanks to Grammy, Steven and I were able to hit the town with Amia and Jettie for Amia's birthday!! (Gotta love built in babysitters!) ;)

Me with my beautiful sister-in-law, heading out to the bars!

Thanks Grammy for babysitting, and Happy Birthday again Amia!! 

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  1. Is it weird that I think baby alligators are just adorable? But, then again, I pretty much think baby anythings are cute. Except bugs. Yuck. :)