Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Update: It was a Girls Kind of Weekend:

Thursday evening, Uncle Amia arrived again. We met out for dinner (where I may or may not have had a little too much wine to drink...) ;)! 

Friday morning, Amia, Charli, and I headed to the bridge for a Friday morning walk (Amia ran). It was the perfect start to our Friday. The rest of the day was pretty relaxing, as the boys were packing up everything for their 'Guys Camping Weekend' trip. 

Then late Friday evening, one of my best friends finally arrived (after being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, getting lost, and her phone dieing... talk about stressful for all parties) ;) but we were so happy to have her safe and sound at the house (and we may or may not have had a tequila shot upon her arrival, thanking the good Lord above that she made it) :) Then we poured a glass of wine, watched Hocus Pocus (best. movie. ever), and talked the night away!!
Perfect Friday!

Bright and early Saturday morning the boys were off to West Virginia with some friends (and one of Steven's best friends was driving down from Connecticut and meeting them there), while us girls were still snoozing! Saturday morning consisted of lots of playing and laughing with Charli, some College Gameday, then heading out for a full afternoon of shopping (perfect start to a Girls Weekend if you ask me)! We grabbed lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, La Hacienda, then it was back to the house for Charli's nap, and lots of football watching/beer drinking for Hannah and I! 

After nap we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and company...

HAHA! That face!

sporting her orange and blue for game day!

Yes that is a poor little boo boo on Charli's forehead... My thumb accidentally scratched her on Friday morning... I felt absolutely horrible :(

And that is how the rest of the day went. 
Then we finished off the day with dinner, putting Charli to bed, and watching more football (and a Gators Win!!)
Perfect Saturday!

Sunday we headed into Downtown for another full day of shopping and site seeing! 

I love that Hannah caught this of us and I didn't even know she took a picture! :)

Hannah headed back home Sunday afternoon. We were sad we already had to say goodbye, but we were so happy she was able to make a trip up! It was an absolutely perfect weekend with just us girls... talking, laughing, shopping, drinking... doing what friends do best! 
Perfect Sunday! 
Perfect Girls Weekend!
Thank you for coming to visit Hannah! We love you, See you soon! 

Now it is back to just Charli and I, as Daddy is still away. We miss him like crazy and can't wait until he gets back home to us, but hope he is having an amazing trip (which I know he is!)!! 

Thanks for stopping by and checking in on what we were up to this weekend! We have a lot on the agenda from now until Thanksgiving, and are looking forward to every single bit of it! 

Hope your weekend was just as wonderful as ours! 
Happy Monday!