Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Update: Mommy's Weekend Getaway:

This weekend was the longest I have ever been away from Charli and it was Steven's very first weekend just the two of them... Yes, I was a bit emotional saying goodbye on Friday (and yes, I cried), but I knew Charli and Steven would be totally fine, and I knew it was going to be very good for me to have 'adult' time... and it was!!

Steven was able to leave work early on Friday so I could hit the road down to Jacksonville. He did have to take Charli back into work with him for a meeting though (I made sure I told her she had to keep everything she heard a secret... It's a military thing) ;) Steven said she did amazing at work with him (but later I was informed that he had given her a milkshake and fries to keep her occupied... mmmm hmmmm...). After they left work, they hit the grocery store to 'stock up on gluten' since Mommy was away... (rude) ;) haha! Steven was taking full advantage of his very first Daddy/Daughter Weekend for sure! 

I made it to Jax safe and sound, missing my family already, but was so excited for a fun filled weekend with friends for the 'Gentlemen of The Road' Tour in St. Augustine. 

So Friday afternoon we grabbed our 'passports'...

And headed down to the Festival 
FYI: No cameras were allowed in the festival (even though I did see some, but wasn't going to risk my nice camera being taken), so all of these pictures are from the iPhone!

While I was sipping on tequila, listening to live music, and hanging out with my friends at Day 1 of the Festival, Steven had a perfect day and night with Charli back home. She ate all of her dinner (plus a cupcake treat for dessert from Daddy), and was bathed and in bed like normal (I had zero doubt in my mind that he would have issues, and knew Charli was going to be just fine)!

Saturday morning I didn't know what to do with myself... Sleeping in, nobody to take care of... I of course called Steven to tell him how crazy it was, and he told me to go back to bed! haha! I did talk to Charli first and it was the best phone conversation EVER, and of course made me miss her more.
Charli and Daddy had a perfect Saturday morning though, and Daddy was going to take her to the hardware store and shopping for toys later (Best Daddy/Daughter Weekend Ever)... 

Then we went and grabbed breakfast, and headed out to the beach for a little bit before we got started on Day 2 of the Festival. 

After a little beach time it was back down to St. Augustine... We walked around Downtown for a little bit 

Grabbed beers at a local bar (yes they had a gluten free option... whoop whoop) and watched some football. 

Then it was on to Day 2 of the Festival...

Day 2 = Success
The music was playing, the booze was flowing! We got to see John Fogarty, who showed up and played in place of Fun, and then of course, the main attraction... Mumford and Sons!!! They were absolutely amazing and I am so glad I was able to go! We had such an awesome time!
(And Day 2 for Daddy and Charli was also a success!)

Sunday morning I headed over to my parents for breakfast and couldn't get on the road fast enough back to my family! I couldn't wait to see and hold Charli! I had such an amazing time with my friends, but I missed Charli and my hubby oh so much and couldn't wait to get home to the both of them! Then the rest of the day was spent as a family, relaxing, and watching football... Perfection I tell ya!

Sunday evening, Steven was also able to head into Downtown to have a drink with his Cousin, Aunt, and Uncle who happened to be in town for a wedding! And we were even more excited to be able to meet up with them today for lunch at Husk, in Downtown Charleston!

How beautiful is that restaurant? 

Charli with her Aunt Donna, Uncle Mike, and Cousin Chris

The food was amazing, the drinks were amazing, and the company was even more amazing!! It was so nice to finally meet you guys and thank you for a wonderful afternoon! Safe travels back home and we can't wait to see you again!! :)


Now we are getting ready for Grammy, Aunt Jettie, and Uncle Amia to arrive in a couple of days!!! Steven's mom has not seen Charli since she was 1 month old, and we are SO excited that she finally gets to take some time off from work to visit (she is an ER Nurse and is always crazy busy). So we are looking forward to a wonderful relaxing week with family!!

Hope your weekend was just as wonderful! Happy Monday!


  1. So nice to have a little getaway! Looks like you had a lot of fun!!

    Win a pair of baby moccs!

  2. Every mama deserves a little getaway every once in a while! (I took one this summer. hehe) Looks like you had a blast. Can't wait to explore a little more here.