Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Crafting Chronicles: Applique Wednesday:

Hi Friends! So as I promised yesterday, here is what I have been working on today...

Adorable Applique onesies!

This is something I have been wanting to try (main reason, to see if I could even do it), so when I was out at the fabric store, I picked up some fabric iron on adhesive, because I had some left over fabric lying around and thought I could put it to use! 

So I gathered all of my supplies that I was going to need for this project. Fabric, check, adhesive, check, scissors, check, iron, check, sewing machine, check

I then cut the fabric and adhesive into squares (just big enough that I could draw the shapes). Then apply adhesive onto the back side of the fabric with an iron. Let cool, after adhesive is bonded.

Then draw your desired shapes (make sure that if you are doing letters, numbers, or anything that could go "backwards", is drawn onto the paper side of the adhesive backwards)

Cut shapes out, lay them on the shirt to see where you want it and how it looks

Peel paper backing off of adhesive, and using an iron, apply applique to shirt. Keep the iron on the applique until bonded. Then voila! 

Then using a sewing machine, stitch around the sides of your objects for extra security and to create the finishing touch! 

This was just a "practice round" for me, so I started by making just these few, but I am very excited with the outcome, and can't wait to do more!! (I have so many more ideas!)

Happy Crafting!

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