Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Update: A whole lot of Life:

We did not have any big plans for this weekend, as we were not sure how Charli was going to be feeling... We are happy to report though, that Charli's fever broke late Friday night, and she had no fever Saturday morning!! Woooo!! (And still no fever... Bigger Wooooo!!)

So with no fever Saturday morning, we knew we wanted to get out of the house and let her get some fresh air, but we didn't want to over do it, so we just drove into downtown Charleston, we grabbed some lunch, and we did a little shopping (and that alone wore the little out). 

After nap we headed back outside for some more fresh air and bubbles (one of her favorite things)!

Blowing on her bubble wand!

I absolutely love being able to capture all of these sweet moments with our little!

And those curls!!! Just look at those curls!!!!! 

After lots of bubbles we headed in for a little more playtime before dinner, then it was saying 'night night' to the puppies before heading upstairs for bath and bed! 

The love that Charli has for her puppies makes my heart melt!!

 And then after Charli fell asleep, Steven and I had a football date night, cuddled on the couch with cocktails in hand and we even turned on our fireplace! What a perfect Saturday night!

Sunday morning was our very first time ever leaving Charli in the church nursery...

The nursery has 2 rooms, a room full of toys and everything, and then this reading/learning area. She loved sitting in the chair like a big girl!

I felt so many different emotions leaving her... I knew she would be fine, but I also have never left her like this before. Her being right next door made it a little easier, but I still felt the urge to cry. She ended up doing amazing of course, and had so much fun! I am so glad we finally took that step to leave her, because Mommy and Daddy could actually listen and enjoy the service, without running down the isle after her! ;) Although from the very first time attending St. Thomas Episcopal, a few people from the congregation pulled Steven and I aside and said "We know it bothers you, but every noise she makes in here is pure joy to all of us, please do not worry if you think she is interrupting the service, we absolutely love it" (talk about pulling at my heart strings). From that very moment we felt a real 'home like' feeling at this church and have enjoyed being a part of it and look forward to the memories we will have there!

After service there was a picnic

And the weather even cooperated for some outside fun!

How Charli plays corn hole

Um, how stinking cute is she in her Lily shift dress playing croquet!

After a perfect Sunday morning, and a Sunday afternoon nap, we headed to the backyard for a little family pool time in Charli's new pool!! 

Yes, of  course I got in, and yes, we were playing with rubber duckies, and yes there were cocktails! ;) I am kind of obsessed with my awesome family!! 

After pool time, Charli got a bit dirty playing out back so what better way to clean a dirty baby than to throw her in the kitchen sink? (She thought it was the best thing ever!)

After she got all clean in the sink, we thought "Hey, it's Sunday, she can go nakey baby style for a little bit...", so we let her run around and play with no diaper... Until I hear from upstairs "Traci, come quick, EMERGENCY..." (Ummmm..... literally as my heart is racing and I am running up the stairs I am yelling... "What happened?", "Did she break something?", "Is she bleeding?", "Is she OK?"... Then immediately stopped and said "OMG, she isn't wearing a diaper..." and started busting out laughing because I could only imagine what just happened... Yep, you guessed it... Daddy caught her mid poop and is running to the bathtub! HAHAHAHA! So I am running around with disinfectant spray, carpet cleaner, bleach, just about anything I could find! LOL! It wasn't much, Thank God, and we got everything perfectly cleaned, but Charli lost her no diaper privileges from now on! ;)

But all in all, it was a perfect Sunday, it was a perfect weekend, and I am so lucky to have such an amazing little family! I love all of the little adventures and weekend adventures we go on together, but more than anything, I love the weekends like this one, where it is just 'Life', it's just 'Us', being a family, doing little things, but still making so many memories! 

I hope your weekend was full of lots of memories too! Happy Monday!

P.S. Happy 13 months to our sweet Charli Adele today! ;)
P.S.S My mom will be here in THREE DAYS!!! Wooooooo!!!!!! Can't wait to see her! 

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