Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Crafting Chronicles: Tutu Tuesday:

Football season is officially upon us, and if you know me, you know this is my favorite time of year!! So with that being said, we have to make sure our wardrobe is ready as well! ;)  

I was going through Charli's closet, and realized she had zero football attire for this season (since clearly she has out grown all of her newborn/3 month football clothes from last season) ;), so I have been on the hunt to make sure my girl is absolutley adorable this season (especially since this year we will actually be able to head down to Jacksonville for a few games since we are not that far away)!

So on to 'Tutu Tuesday'... My friend Jenny made the most adorable fabric tutu for her little girl Charlotte for her third birthday this year, and I think I told Jenny just about 10 times how stinking cute it was and that I wanted to make one for Charli one day! You can check out Charlotte's tutu here! So today was that day... and again, with football season finally here, I went with a Jags inspired tutu for Game Days!! (And since it turned out so stinking cute and was super easy, there will be an orange and blue one made very soon... Go Gators!) ;)

On to the tutu making...

I started with all of my supplies for this no-sew fabric tutu (yes, I still had my travel sewing kit handy because you will need to make a few stitches on the ends of the elastic to create the circle band).

I measured Charli's waist, and cut the no-roll elastic to that size, and stitched the ends of them together to create the circle band.

 Then I took all of my fabric, and cut them into strips (making sure that the strips are double the length of how long you want your finished tutu to be, because of how you loop and tie it onto the elastic band).

Then I took each piece of fabric and started tieing them around the band. Making an upside down 'U' behind the elastic band.

Then pulling the 2 strands in front of the elastic band and through the opening

Then pulling both strands downwards and tight. Continue with each piece until completed.

 Then voila!!!! You have a tutu!! I did this while Charli was napping, and it seriously only took me maybe 10 minutes!

I of course had to make her a leopard print bow for her hair to match!

How stinking cute is she going to be on Game Day? GO JAGUARS!!

(Stay tuned for tomorrow's crafting DIY project... Adorable Applique onesies... We will see how I do with those!) ;)

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