Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekend Update: First Drill Weekend:

Friday was a pretty relaxing day, with a little pool time in between! 

Rocking her new cover up that her Great Papa got her! :)

We are pretty lucky to have a nice neighborhood pool at the end of our street with a little park right next to it as well! (Charli and I will be spending a lot of time there I am sure!)

Steven's first week of work went very well, with this new position will come plenty of time off for family time, however we will have to give up one weekend a month for 'Drill Weekends', (Drill Weekends are when all of the Reservists that Steven is in charge of, report for duty. It can be up to 400 people on any given Drill Weekend). So needless to say, Steven will be putting in very long hours. And Saturday was no exception... His first week of work ended with his first Drill Weekend. So he was up and at em by 5:30AM on Saturday morning. 

So Charli and I enjoyed a nice Saturday morning breakfast:eggs, bacon, and strawberries, (which by the way was her very first time trying strawberries... she didn't like them, but I am sure it was because it was something new, it was a different texture, and probably pretty tart), after breakfast we watched some Saturday morning cartoons and had a little play time, followed by a morning walk around the neighborhood! 

After Steven got home, we headed out to his Command Picnic on base

It was a great time, enjoying great company, playing a little softball, grilling up burgers, and playing on the slide...

Charli started with a little help from Daddy...

But our adventurous little girl wanted to try it all by herself...

And she did go down the slide a few times all by herself for the very first time! She had a blast! 

This morning was a pretty low key morning, consisting of waffles and packing for Daddy (traveling for work already...). Then we headed out to grab some lunch as a family before dropping Daddy off at the airport... And it has been a very low key rest of the day... playing, napping, cleaning, and laundry... We miss daddy so much already and this week cannot go by soon enough. Charli and I will be keeping busy though to pass the time, and already have a few things lined up for the week.

And it's officially Shark Week!!! Get excited! Woooo!! 

Hope you had a great weekend! :)

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