Friday, August 9, 2013

A Mommy & Me kind of Week:

We have missed daddy so much this week, but us girls found plenty of fun things to keep us busy while he was gone! 

Monday morning we headed to base to check out a fitness class they have. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, they have a 'Stroller Rollers' fitness class that consists of an over 2 mile walk, followed by a 20 minute circuit training class. We had a blast and mommy got a workout in... (And if you know me, you know I do not 'workout'. I hate going to the gym, and can't even remember the last time I went, but I do enjoy fitness classes and walking. So when I saw that the base gym offers classes throughout the week that include babies/children, I was sold!) We even met some wonderful military wives and their kids and were already asked to join in on their next play date!! 

After our morning class, we headed to Michael's to grab a few things for our arts & crafts project I had planned for the afternoon.
I set everything up while Charli napped...

I used sticker letters that I already had in one of my craft bins to spell out her name, for her to paint over.

After she woke up, we headed outside for her very first arts & crafts project!!

She had an absolute blast painting and did such an amazing job! I put a few globs of paint on the canvas, and thought for sure she would try to eat it, but she just pointed to it saying "Mama?" "Mama?" (yes she now says 'Mama' and 'Dada' in a question, waiting for us to respond with a 'Yes sweetie'... Melts my heart!). So I showed her with both her hand and the paint brush, how to move both back and forth through the paint. I only had to show her the one time, and she knew exactly what to do! 

Look at those little fingers at work!

Towards the end she finally tried to put the paintbrush in her mouth, which led into me saying 'No Ma'am' and taking the paintbrush away, which then led into a complete melt down, which then led into arts & crafts being over for the day, which then led into her being cleaned up, which then led into an even bigger melt down (throwing herself onto the floor and all. I am sure you are just as shocked as I am, and have no clue where this side of her even comes from) ;), which then led into me explaining to her that arts & crafts were over, and if she continued to act like this after we do fun things, we will no longer do fun things anymore... she immediatley stopped crying and said 'Mama?' 'Mama?'!

Bless her little heart, all she wanted to do was paint! ;) 
But like I said, she did an amazing job!! Look at this little masterpiece!!

I went behind her after she was done and finished off the top portion, the sides and edges of the canvas, and a little bit around her name, just to get it completely covered with paint, but that was it! The rest is all Charli! And after it dried, I peeled the sticker letters off, and voila! It turned out perfect! 

Mommy even did a little one of her own to add to her nursery! 

Tuesday morning we headed to base again for another fitness class called 'Mommy & Me'. This was a full hour of circuit training. This class is only offered on Tuesday mornings. We had another great workout, and saw all of the same people from Monday's class! Charli was a huge help while working out too...

And this is why it is called 'Mommy & Me'! She just wanted to jump rope too is all! 

Wednesday morning was a play date with our friends Leighton and her little girl Tallulah. Here in the Charleston area, there are several county parks that offer a wide variety of things to do for all ages. From walking trails, to dog parks, to picnic areas, to playgrounds, to bike trails, to paddle boating, to a huge water park, to a 'spray & play' area for younger ones, and much more. And it is only $1 to get in!! So Wednesday morning we met Leighton and Tallulah at the James Island County Park.

Our plan was to play in the 'spray & play' area for a little bit and then have a little picnic with the girls... Well after we arrived, they said the 'spray & play' wasn't going to open up for a couple of hours (maintenance work)... Not what we wanted to hear, but good thing there was a playground right next to it, so we let the girls play for a little bit until it got too hot

And there goes our adventurous little girl! I couldn't even catch her... She saw the slide and went right up!

Tallulah cheering her on!

After swinging and sliding, we went over to the shade to cool off and have some lunch

After a little picnic time we put the girls in their suits and sat and waited for the water to turn on...

And then finally... FINALLY, the spray & play was open for business!! 

After the water turned on, it literally scared the pee out of Charli (no literally, she peed all over me), and cried for a little bit, but then finally let me put her down, and when I did, she had a blast!!!!

It was pure joy watching her play with her friend, laughing, running,  and splashing around!! We had an amazing time with our friends and can't wait until our next play date!! 

Thursday was going to be a low key day for us since we were out running around the first part of the week. So when we woke up, we headed out for a morning walk in the neighborhood... Good thing I decided on it being a low key day, because this Mama ended up getting a horrible migraine... (I was diagnosed several years ago with 'Migraines with Oras'... basically for me, my vision goes completely blurry every time I have an onset to a migraine... I guess the good thing is that as soon as my vision goes, I can prepare because I know what's about to happen). So during our walk my vision went blurry, so we headed straight home. Needless to say, it was a super lazy day, and after putting Charli down for her nap, this Mama actually crawled into bed herself (this never happens...). Thankfully Charli sleeps over 2 hours every day, so I got a good amount of dark/quiet time, and the migraine slowly went away (Thank the Lord). So after nap, I decided we needed to do a little shopping! ;) (because let's be honest, we know shopping makes us always feel better!) ;) We headed to a couple of boutiques, got a few really cute things, then headed home! 

This morning we are headed off to 'Stroller Rollers' and then spending some time at the pool until we go pick up Daddy from the airport!! 

We have really missed him and are looking forward to an amazing weekend! And Uncle Amia will be here too!! 

Hope your week was wonderful!! Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!


  1. Busy girls! How great are these spray parks? I took the boys again yesterday too.

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