Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Last Weekend in Monterey:

I know I have said it a lot lately, but I really can't believe it is already here... This was my very last weekend in Monterey. Very bittersweet! 

I'm going to start this weekend off with Thursday evening. We met our friends Kris and Katy at Monterey's Fish House for our last dinner together... So sad. And it didn't actually hit me until after dinner when we were hugging and saying goodbye... It was official... I have started saying 'goodbye' to my friends here. The only bright side is that they are Navy too, so our paths should cross again! I sure will miss them!

Friday I had the honor of hosting (with my good friend Elizabeth) a beautiful baby shower for our good friends Cassie and Kate (who are both due this summer with boys). One thing I have learned about being a part of this military community, is that you become so close to the friends you have made, as well as their families, and watching all of the little ones grow up. So it will be very hard to not be near each other when Cassie and Kate bring these little men into this world, especially since they were both there in the hospital for me after Charli was born. All I can say is Thank God for blogging/Facebook/Instagram right?!  

The shower turned out perfect, and it was such a great time spent with friends, honoring these two beautiful momma's and their boys! :)

Saturday was the start to a wonderful Mother's Day weekend (and my very last Saturday in Monterey...)! Saturday morning we went to breakfast in Carmel at From Scratch, followed by a much needed pedicure!

 So delicious, and way too much food!

Saturday afternoon we took full advantage of the beautiful weather and headed in to the Valley to do some wine tasting! (Then realizing that this would be my last time going in to Carmel Valley, we had to pull off the side of the road to capture this view)

I sure will miss this!

There was a new winery that had opened up not too long ago, and I have been wanting to check it out, so with this being my last weekend here we decided to go! It was a perfect afternoon spent with my family! 

Um, how stinking precious is this? Daddy's little girl!

Momma's sweet little love!

It's Mother's Day weekend... Had to get pictures! ;)

After we got home, it was off to Cullen and Bennett's Birthday Party! I cannot believe Cullen will be 4 tomorrow, and Bennett will be turning 2 in June. I met them when they were 2 and 3 months old. We have been so lucky to be a part of their lives for these past 2 years, and sure will miss them after we leave. (The good thing is they are also heading back to the East Coast, so hopefully we will get to see them again!)

Charli also had lots of fun at the party, and went down the baby slide for the very first time (with Daddy's help of course) and she loved it!!

And getting some lovin from Ms. Elizabeth!

Then it was back to more school work, more TPC, and more packing...

Sunday was the best first Mother's Day I could have asked for! Steven let me sleep in, followed by him and Charli bringing me a wonderful breakfast in bed!

And yes, watching TPC on the iPad!

 I am spoiled I know! He is too good to me! Fresh Tulips! :)

After breakfast I came downstairs to this...

Wow!!  Can't wait to blog from my new iMac in Charleston! :) (And I would have been just as happy with the card that had Charli, Bailey, and Bogey's hand/paw prints on it! And maybe the See's Candies chocolates I got! ;))

Then this afternoon, Steven had a picnic packed and drove us out to Lovers Point to enjoy the sunshine, the beauty of the coast, and our little family! It was such a perfect afternoon, I couldn't have asked for more! 

It was truly a special day and I feel so loved! I am the luckiest Momma there is! 

As you can see it was a busy (yet amazing)weekend!
I hope you had just as an amazing weekend!

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