Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gig Harbor- Part I:

With this being our second to last weekend living on the West Coast, what better way to spend it, then with family! On Friday morning... and I mean early morning (3 AM), we headed out the door and were off to the airport for our last vacation before we leave! 

We have been very blessed to have such a good little traveler, and really great luck with being able to fly First Class (always a plus! And an upgrade for free... I'll take it)! :) 

After boarding the airplane, Charli was getting lots of attention from everyone. One of the flight attendants thought she was just the cutest thing and wanted to hold her, so we let her (not typically something we would do, but she was super nice and it seemed OK!) She greeted all of the passengers boarding the plane, and got to also meet the pilots! What a lucky little girl! 

We arrived to Seattle safe and sound and were ready to see family and relax! 

My mom's family is from Gig Harbor, WA, which is why this place is so very special to me! Growing up, my brother and I would spend the whole month of July with our Grandparents out in Gig Harbor. We loved being able to spend so much time with all of our cousins, Aunts, Uncles, and friends out there, (because this was usually the only time we were able to see them). We spent our days at the beach house, swimming, jet skiing, playing, wake boarding  tubing, boating, and doing just about anything else a kid could do during the summertime! Even as we got older we still made a trip out there during the summer, but it was shortened to usually a week, since our schedules got pretty busy as young adults.

So planning Charli's first trip to Gig Harbor was something I was going to hold very close to my heart and was something very special to me. I was so excited when Steven and I decided to plan this trip, because this would be the first time that my Nana and Papa, and all of my family would be meeting our little Charli!

After we arrived Friday morning and got settled into my Aunts house, we went to lunch with my Nana and Papa in the Harbor at Green Turtle. This was Charli's very first time meeting her Great Grandparents, and it was so perfect and such a special time for my family! 

Charli meeting her Great Papa 

Charli meeting her Great Nana

Our view at lunch

After lunch we headed back to the beach to enjoy the beautiful weather, family, and this view! (It never gets old! And that is the Olympic Mountain Range)

Charli meeting Charlie! ;)

Friday late afternoon, my Aunt Kristi and cousins Olivia and Sarah came down to the beach for dinner and to meet Charli! 

Charli with her cousin Sarah

Charli with her cousin Olivia

Sarah, Olivia, and Aunt Kristi

What a little love!

Charli with her cousin Kasey

It was a perfect Friday evening... Enjoying family, game night, and of course the most beautiful sunset!

Saturday morning Steven and Uncle Paul headed out to play some golf, while Aunt Cari, Charli, and I walked around Gig Harbor, did a little shopping, and went to the Farmer's Market!

After an afternoon of beautiful sunshine and relaxing at the beach, we headed up to the club for dinner with Nana, Papa, Aunt Kelli, Uncle Brendan, Kyle, Iain, and Abby. Aunt Kelli and Iain met Charli back in March when they came to visit California for Iain's birthday, but this was Uncle Brendan, Kyle, and Abby's first time meeting her.

Charli with her cousins Iain and Abby

Charli and Iain

Charli and Abby

Charli and Kyle


Charli with Aunt Kelli

Charli with the Hogarty clan! 

There is nothing better then to see my daughter with all of our family and to see the love that they all have for her! She is one lucky little lady! 

She loves her Great Papa

It was a perfect dinner and evening with everyone and we are so glad we were able to see them and for Charli to meet them! After we got home, it was a few snuggles with Uncle Paul and Aunt Cari before heading off to bed!

It was an absolutely perfect Saturday, and I am truly blessed to have such amazing people in our lives, and we get to call them family! 

 Saturday night's sunset

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