Thursday, May 2, 2013

Beach Day Thursday:

It is not very often when we see super warm temperatures here in the Monterey area, but when we do, we take full advantage! 

So what better way to spend an 80 degrees, blue skies, and sunny Thursday in May, then go to the beach with our friends!

What is this stuff?? 

Charli might not dig the sand, but this little lady loves the water!! Even if it is the Pacific Ocean's warm 60 degree water! ;) 

This was Charli's very first time touching the water, and she did not mind at all that it was freezing! She thought it was the best thing, and laughed each time the little wave came up to her feet! (I wish daddy had been there to see it)!

We love friend time!! 

And for all those dads out there who think us mommy's have it made... Getting to spend the day at the beach in the beautiful sunshine with our babies and friends... (Well let's be honest... We do have it made), but it definitely does not come easy! You try carrying babies, walking the toddlers, while also carrying blankets, towels, chairs, coolers, buckets and toys, all while walking in sand that is not only burning your feet, but burning the kiddos feet too! ;)

But we managed! ;)

Hope you had a great Thursday! The weekend is around the corner, and we will be spending it with our family in Gig Harbor. We cannot wait to be with them all and for Charli to meet her Great Nana and Great PaPa! 

You can follow me on instagram @tracihhall while we are on vacation! (Our last West Coast vacation before heading East!)

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  1. Look at Mr. Slowpoke Trenton back there! Ha! What a fun (and exhausting) outing!