Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekend Update: A whole lot of family, friends, and Wedding fun, Oh and Santa:

After all of our Thanksgiving festivities we were excited for a somewhat relaxing weekend... 

Friday morning my mom and I headed out to meet a couple of my really close friends and their kiddos for a perfect little play date! I love getting to spend time with friends when we come into town, but there is seriously never enough time (no matter how long we are there) to be able to see everyone we would like to, so if I am able to squeeze in a play date so Charli can run around with some of her friends, and I get to talk and catch up with my friends, then perfect...

I mean seriously... Look at these too! Pure joy and laughter! 

Caroline (2), Charli (16 1/2months), Gavin (17 1/2 months)

It was a beautiful sunny day, not too chilly, so we piled the kids up in Caroline's wagon and walked down to the park!

These three were seriously unstoppable... I'm not even sure how I managed to capture some amazing photos of them, haha! Thanks mom for coming and supplying your extra hands! ;)

There was sliding:



(Duh... have you met my child?!)

 And being able to snap just one picture of all of us together:

Before we said bye bye!

Late Friday afternoon we headed down to St. Augustine for my cousin's wedding!

The Decor:

My Family: 

The Ceremony:

 The Reception:

And of course... The Dancing:

 Seriously... This child... We could not get her off of the dance floor and she was of course center of attention the whole night... 
Just doing the 'Charli Shuffle'! 
(She is her mother's daughter) ;)

Congratulations again Dawn Ella and Steven! 
We are so happy we could be there to celebrate you two! 

Saturday morning consisted of doing some 'Support your Small Business' with my mom, Charli, and I going to some of our favorite boutiques and finding exactly what we were looking for! YAY!
Then it was off to find the perfect Christmas Tree for Nana and Papa, and back to the house to watch football and decorate! 
(There was more decorating than football unfortunately... But again, win or lose, we will always wear our orange and blue!)

Aunt Jettie and Lealann were even able to make the drive up and we ended our Saturday with the perfect (last and final) Thanksgiving meal (since my brother works every Thanksgiving and Christmas we always do a special dinner when he has off... Nurse/EMT problems), decorating the Christmas Tree, and drinking spiked eggnog!
Perfect end to our holiday weekend! 

Sunday morning we headed out to try and beat the holiday traffic (success), and made it home in time for a nap and to see Santa in our neighborhood!

Our neighborhood had a little function at the pool house and park with face painting, a bounce house, snacks, and Santa. I was very curious as to how Charli would react this year... 
And the outcome...

She at least didn't cry, but she wanted nothing to do with him. She was holding on to Steven for dear life, until Santa pulled out a candy cane... 
(Oh good job Charli... I guess we should start enforcing "don't take candy from a stranger") ;) 
Although, as soon as she got her candy cane, she was like 'see ya later, get me down'!

(Can you even believe that this was just last year?) :(

All in all we had a wonderful family filled weekend but are always so happy to be home! 

And it has been a jam packed Monday for me and my munchkin...
But all Thanksgiving decor is down and Christmas decor is going up! 
(So stay tuned for Christmas around our house and Christmas DIY crafts... Coming Soon!)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend
Happy Monday!

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  1. Wow! What a jam packed fabulous weekend. Nothing is quite as fun as catching up with old friends and their kiddos too. And the wedding decor! Well done. And frame that cute picture of your little family.