Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend Update: A Little Three Day Weekend:

Friday started with: 
A walk around the neighborhood
Some Errand Running
And Grocery Shopping

And since I refuse to cook on Fridays...
Friday Family Date Night it was! 

Starting with Dinner: 
And a cheers to start our weekend!

And someones first corn dog experience
(And she ate the entire thing... but she is my daughter so I didn't expect anything less... One of my faves!)

After dinner, we ended our family date night with a walk around Park Circle to check out the Christmas Lights display

It was truly a perfect start to our little three day weekend! 

Saturday was cold and rainy, but perfect for some football watching! 

We invited a couple of friends over to watch Navy beat Army in their 12th straight win! ;)
It was a perfect evening spent with friends.
And someone looked mighty adorable sporting her Navy Cheerleader outfit!

GO NAVY! #1!
Maybe next year Army... but probably not! ;) 

Sunday morning was pretty low key. It was still raining, we decided to skip church, and just relaxed and played with Charli in front of the fire as a family. It is those kind of mornings that I truly cherish with my family... 

We finally headed out to do a little Christmas shopping when the weather cleared up. 
We even found our Charleston Christmas Ornament!!
A tradition for our family is to buy an ornament from every place we live!

After some shopping, we grabbed a late brunch (Bloody Mary's and all) and caught the first half of the Jaguars game. 
Then it was back to the house for naps!
While Charli (and Daddy) napped, I was able to get some wrapping done! 

This year I wanted to do something different and am trying to wrap all of our Christmas gifts in brown paper bags! 
So far so good! And I love how classic/rustic it looks under our tree! 

Sunday evening consisted of a whole lot of playing and running around with Charli, baking pumpkin bread, and watching Christmas movies! 
We ended the night with one of my all time favorites... The Polar Express! 
It was a perfect end to a wonderful Sunday!

Steven had today off, giving us a three day weekend with Daddy!!
This morning Steven let me sleep in (thanks honey!)!! After I got up, Steven ran into work to answer a few emails and make some calls. When he got home we ran a couple of quick errands then headed out for a fun little adventure to Cypress Gardens! 

I had heard about Cypress Gardens from a couple of Navy wife friends so I wanted to check it out at some point while we were stationed here! 

It was a pretty cute place with a few fun things to do!

The Butterfly Garden

Steven saved a little butterfly!

Bye Bye Butterflies!

 The Heritage Museum
(it was pretty boring so I didn't take any pictures)

The Swamparium
(an Aquarium of swamp creatures)

The Alligator Exhibit 

And The Swamp 
(with boat rides and all)

Waiting with Daddy to get on the boat!
(Charli's "first official" boat ride... even if it was only a row boat!) ;)

Pointing at all of the trees, leaves, turtles, and more!

There were other things to do but we were working with a ticking time bomb as it got close to lunch and nap! ;) So we decided to call it a morning and head home! 

We had an absolute blast though and are looking forward to heading back in the Spring!

The rest of our afternoon and evening has been pretty relaxing. 
Now on to getting all of these Christmas Cards mailed out!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well!
Happy Monday!


  1. You guys have the best weekends! Love the navy outfit, I may need to get Layla an Air Force one!! ;)

  2. Her Navy outfit is adorable! I'm also a little jealous of your warm (well, much warmer than us) weather. What a fantastic weekend. The boat ride looks like so much fun.