Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekend Update: A very Christmassy kind of Drill Weekend:

Decorating our house
Driving around looking at Christmas lights
Attending a Christmas Party
Attempting to take Christmas pictures
Watching lots of Christmas movies
And The Holiday Festival of Lights...

Made for a very Christmassy kind of Drill Weekend! 


Friday was a pretty relaxing day for us and consisted of...
A morning walk
Running Errands
Family Dinner Date Night
And finally putting up our Christmas lights...

Or so I thought...

Steven got back on the roof for a second attempt at putting lights on our super scary steep roof... And after running through all of our options, and not wanting to spend $500 for a professional to come and put them up, we decided on no lights for the roof line... (insert super sad face). 
As upset as I was about making this decision, we were at least able to move on and actually start putting our Christmas lights up in the yard and I am very happy with how it is looking!

We ended our Friday with driving around Daniel Island, Christmas music and all, looking at all of the pretty Christmas lights (and only 2 homes on the entire island had lights on their roof, so this made me feel a little better about our decision...)
Clearly we aren't the only ones with a tall steep roof ;) haha! 

Saturday morning Steven was up bright and early heading off to work. 
After a little breakfast and some Christmas movie watching, Charli and I ran some errands around town. 
It was seriously the best time! 
Just us girls, rocking out to Christmas music, singing, dancing, laughing, and a little bit of shopping!
What more could I ask for! 

We made it home in time for Daddy's lunch and were able to spend his lunch break with him.
And Charli got a little snuggle time in with daddy before he had to head back to work!

Saturday evening was Steven's Command Christmas Party at the Officer's Club on base 

It was a fabulous event and I am so happy I could attend (thanks to our babysitter)! 

Steven gave a touching speech honoring POWs and MIAs

It is a small table, which occupies a place of dignity and honor near the head table.
It is set for one, symbolizing the fact that members of our armed forces are missing from our ranks. 
Let us never forget their sacrifices, and may them and their families be watched over and protected.

The evening was all in all perfect...
The food
The drinks
The dancing
The prizes
And of course, The company...

Merry Christmas NOSC Charleston!

And Charli did absolutely amazing with our babysitter! 
This was the very first time someone else has ever done dinner and bedtime with her and she did perfect! 

Sunday, Steven was back at work while Charli and I watched Christmas movies all morning in our PJs with the fire going. Charli has been cutting all 4 of her canines which lead to her having a fever all day on Sunday and being just miserable. Needless to say, her and I literally stayed in our pajama's all day and vegged out on the couch and floor (it was a super cold/rainy day here, so it made it absolutely perfect) even if we did have to cancel our plans of going to the Christmas parade. 

Sunday ended with us putting our little girl to bed, then making a pallet of blankets and pillows on the floor, in front of the fire, with a glass of wine, watching Christmas movies! 
I honestly could not have asked for anything more!


And yep, you guessed it... Since it was a Drill Weekend, our weekend wasn't over just yet!! ;)

This morning we let daddy sleep in. And after playing upstairs we headed out to take Christmas pictures of Charli (fail)... Mommy should have known that with home girl teething she would not be in a picture taking mood... Needless to say, we will be heading out for Christmas Pictures round 2 at a later date! ;) 

After naps were had and a little someone was feeling a little better, we decided to head out to The Holiday Festival of Lights at James Island!

This is a "must-do" we were told so it was something we were really excited to do!

We stopped and parked half way through and were able to get out and walk around. 
They had Santa, a Carousel, fire pits, and so many other cute things to do!

We had an absolute blast and the best thing for me was seeing Charli's little face light up with pure joy as she saw all of the magical Christmas lights! 

It truly was a perfect end to such a festive weekend! 

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and had a Happy Monday! 

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  1. Looks like a great weekend! Man those canines are killer!! Layla's almost done cutting them and has just been a miserable girl the past couple weeks! No fun!!