Sunday, December 8, 2013

Jingle The Elf:

Jingle's here, Jingle's here
Jingle's here to stay
He'll sit and watch and listen to
All you do and say

Jingle's here, Jingle's here
Jingle's here to stay
Until the night of Christmas Eve
When he leaves on Santa's sleigh

We have welcomed Jingle into our home for the second year! 
Yes, we did Elf on the Shelf for Charli us last year when she was only 5 months old! 
I think it is such a really cute idea and just one more fun thing to do as a family during the Christmas season! 

We were really excited when Jingle arrived this year. 
With Charli being a little bit older we were curious as to what she would take out of having Jingle around... Obviously she doesn't "get" it, but let me tell you... Our sweet little girl sure loves Jingle, and every morning looks for him! 
She gets so excited when she finds him, waves to him while eating her breakfast, then after we do our advent calendar she runs to Jingle, waving, saying hi, and saying "Ninel"!!
(cutest thing ever? I think yes!)

So here's a look at what Jingle has been up to his first week...

What are some fun Christmas traditions you do in your family?

Happy Sunday!

Merry Christmas and Happy HALLidays!


  1. I love the Elf on the Shelf idea! I cant wait to have kids of my own so I can do this for them! I love your blog btw. So cute :) Thanks for sharing.

    On the first Saturday in December my siblings gets together to bake Christmas cookies & let the kids make christmas ornaments. Then we all put the Christmas tree up together. It's just a way we keep the family "together" over the holidays :)

    Check mine blog out if you get a chance, I'm new to the blogging world!!

    1. I love that you guys do that! How special and fun! And thank you so much for reading!! I am heading over to your blog now! Thank you!! :)

  2. Ha ha LOVE the 'Elf' movie quote