Friday, December 6, 2013

Our Christmas Tree:

There is just something about ...

Picking A Tree...

(Can you believe this was just last year... Where has our baby gone?)

Tying that tree to the roof of our car...

Decorating that tree with strands of lights with the ones you love...

And hanging some of our family memories...
Steven and mine's very first Christmas engaged and then our very first Christmas married!

 Baby's First Christmas Ornament's we made last year

 That truly starts off the Christmas Season! 


Family traditions are important to me and it is something I hope to instill into Charli. 
Picking out our family Christmas tree is just the first of many family traditions that we do during the Christmas Season! 

I was so excited (yet very nervous) about getting our Christmas tree this year.
With Charli being older and always getting into things, I knew she would be all over the tree once it was in the house... But I still wanted her to help us decorate it.
So we let her stay up a little later on Monday night so she could help!

I am very lucky that we have such a good little girl, because she really has not cared that much about it since it has been in the house. She did help with the lights and it was so much fun and then it was off to bed (I wasn't about to let her help with the ornaments... Not this year!) ;) 

Then it was on to... 
Me putting the ornaments on the tree while Steven sat and watched...
because "I only do the star".... ;)
(such a guy right?!)
So when I was finished,  it was on to his part...

But I wasn't quite finished yet... 
I had one more thing I wanted to make for our tree this year and it is something that I wanted to make literally since January...

Merry Christmas banners! 

 And they turned out perfect!

Now our tree was complete!

So here you have... The moment you have all been waiting for (right?!) ;)...
Our Christmas Tree!

It is the perfect tree for my family and there is nothing more that I love than walking downstairs and seeing it every morning! Something about the tree, the lights, the warmth, the coziness, the decorations... It warms my heart and gives me pure joy! 

And Charli 'oooooed' and awwwwwed' over it the very next morning, and I can honestly say hasn't messed with it, pulled anything off, or ruined anything! (Phew!)
 But it doesn't mean I won't keep my eyes off her! ;)

I have loved seeing everyone's trees all decorated and can't wait to see more!

Merry Christmas and Happy HALLidays! 


  1. What a beautiful tree! I love the idea of the banners in it

  2. Beautiful! You need to get into interior decorating and styling, you have great taste!!

    1. Thank you so much! :) It really has always been a passion of mine! :)