Friday, February 1, 2013

Crafting the week away...

So as you know, Steven has been out of town on a business trip all week. So what better way to spend my time, but to do a little DIY! So here is what I have been up to this week...

I got these 4 canvas in my stocking for Christmas, and have been trying to think of something cute to do with them! And this is what I decided... I had leftover fabric from Charli's headbands, and had all of the materials on hand, just needed the letters! I think it turned out super cute! 

Guest bathroom

I have been wanting to make this for a while now, and finally did! I think it turned out adorable! Although I might make a smaller one to go underneath for just the headbands, or I was even thinking a shadow box to throw all of the headbands in... not sure yet... But love how this turned out! 

Now for the biggest project of the week... The sign I have been making for Charli's nursery! It turned out AMAZING and I am in love with it! (The cutting and sanding were done this past weekend while Steven was still home... I guess he doesn't trust me with power tools...) ;) haha! 

Steven cut them for me! 

He did let me drill in one screw! haha! It was fun! 

And he let me use the sander! (Guys and their power tools... ;))

Getting ready to paint!

Charli watching mommy hard at work! 

Almost done...

The finished product! 

"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! We sure will, because daddy comes home tomorrow, and my family will be back together again! So excited!

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