Thursday, February 21, 2013

San Diego Trip: Part Four- Our Sunbathing Babe

So this is my final post of our San Diego family vacation! I hope you all have enjoyed the pictures from our trip! We had such an amazing time together and I am so lucky to have such an amazing little family!

Since we live in Monterey, and the weather here seems to always be in the 60's (most of the time it seems to be grey and foggy, but we do have our amazing sunny days too, its still always just a bit chilly), our "summer" baby has never actually experienced the "summer"... so weird! So when we decided to head to San Diego, I had to make sure it was going to be sunny and warm so I could pack Charli's bikini (and yes, she has her first bikini already, and it was from her Aunt Christie!) The weather in San Diego was an amazing 80 degrees all weekend, so we got plenty of pool time, and we were finally able to put Charli in the pool for the very first time! The pool was supposed to be heated, but it was still pretty chilly, so unfortunately Charli only got a little pool time the first day, but she was more then content sitting in the grass on her beach towels playing with her toys in the sun!

Our little California Girl!

Charli putting her feet in the pool for the very first time!

We got to see Navy ships coming and going all weekend! GO NAVY! ;)

The girl is not a fan of hats! It stayed on for all of 5 seconds before she started pulling it off! haha

Duckies came to say hello

Just "hanging" out with daddy

Again, such an amazing weekend!

Until next time San Diego...

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