Monday, February 18, 2013

San Diego Trip: Part Two- Sea World:

We woke up Friday morning, and after having a great breakfast at the hotel (which by the way, they had Gluten Free Donuts... What!!!!! It's the little things in life for me!! ;)), we took Charli to Sea World. This was her first time at a theme park, and it was Steven and I's first time back at Sea World since we were kids! It was such a fun day, and how neat that we got to see the new baby whale that had just been born the morning before! So here was our day... Enjoy!

Waiting in line to get in!

Watching the whales from under the water!

From Charli's view! (Big fishy fishy...)

Daddy and Charli watching the whales swim by

So excited!

Getting ready for "The Shamu Story" Show

One of the guys working came by and blew bubbles for Charli! 

They brought the baby whale out! 

Momma and baby

Such a happy girl!

Already conning daddy into souvenirs!! (A Shamu stuffed animal... Classic!)

Passed out before we even left!! I think it is safe to say she had a great day!

Sea World was a blast for my little family... up next... The San Diego Zoo!


  1. Replies
    1. Hehe!! Jenny, I totally want a baby whale too!! It was the cutest thing! (even if it was over 300lbs at birth!) haha!

  2. Love it!!! What a fun day and can't help but smile at the baby leg pictures :-)