Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday:

Daddy is home and my family is back together again! (Life is good!) :)... So it was a low key weekend for us, due to Charli and I being sick. I did get a picture on Saturday of her first tooth finally!

There it is!! Woohoo! 

So if you know us, you know we are HUGE football fanatics... Go Gators, Go Razorbacks, Go Navy, and Go Jags! Since living out here in Monterey, and not being able to go to the games and do "real" tailgating, we put on our own tailgates in our driveway with our friends and neighbors! So of course for the Super Bowl, it wasn't going to be any different, we were planning on doing our very last tailgate party (I know, so crazy that our 2 years here is ending), but with the little one and I being sick, it was a good thing we didn't go through with it. Although Charli seems to be doing so much better, I on the other hand am not... Ugh! So we had a very relaxing/veg on the couch kind of Super Bowl Sunday, and it was absolutely perfect! Spending the day with my two loves, I couldn't have asked for anything better! We made chili, an awesome avocado salsa, a few other apps, and of course, had a couple of cocktails! (Did I mention it was a perfect Super Bowl Sunday?!) Loved the halftime performance by Beyonce, and you have to love Destiny's Child! (Brought back soooo many memories!! haha!) And as for the commercials this year, my favorites were the Jeep/USO and the Budweiser Clydesdale! Both had me tearing up!  

(we decided to support our Jags today!)

Hanging out on daddy!

Oh, and the most important thing that happened on Super Bowl Sunday... Charli's SECOND bottom tooth came in!!!!!!! Woohoo!! I guess teething for over 3 months, meant two little teeth at one time for our sweetie! (I'm pretty sure she is going to have the cutest little smile with those things! ;))

Hope everyone had a great weekend and a fun and safe Super Bowl Sunday! 

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