Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Charli's first Valentine's Party:

Some friends and I get together on Tuesday mornings for little play dates so all the kids can play and all the mommas can hang out too! So this morning we decided to do a fun little Valentine's Party for the kids, and it turned out perfect! We could not have asked for more beautiful weather! We decided to have it at one of the parks here in our neighborhood, and we all brought a little snack for everyone to enjoy, along with little crafts that our friend Kate brought for the kids! Charli's first Valentine's Party was a success and was so much fun!

So for Valentine's parties, you make Valentine's to hand out to all of your friends right? Well with it being Charli's first Valentine's Party, mommy got a little crafty (imagine that! ;)) I made burlap Valentines bags (which I had everything on hand already), and we stuffed them with a few goodies along with Charli's first Valentine's card that my best friend Christie made for her!

hand painting the hearts on to the burlap

All finished and ready to hand out to her friends! 

I made yummy chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes for the party! (gluten free of course!) I think they turned out pretty cute!

Now get ready for a whole lot of cuteness piled into one post! I think these pictures really captured just how fun our Valentine's Party was! Enjoy! 

Ready for the party

Hannah decorating her "mailbox"

All of the kids decorating their "mailboxes" for all of their Valentines to go in!

Kate's heart shaped PB&J's for the kiddos! 

Yes, I decorated Charli's for her! ;)

Kate and Charli

All of the mailboxes ready to get filled up!

my little Love!

Bennett and Hannah! 

Bennett and Charli!



and more Cupcakes!

love her to pieces!

mommy and Charli

Love all the strollers!haha

The Boys!

Ummmm seriously how cute is this! Cullen and Charli

All the kiddos!

"Happy Valentine's Day!"

Cullen, Charli, and Alivia

Hannah and Maddie!


Hope everyone's Tuesday was terrific! Ours sure was! :)