Monday, February 11, 2013

It was a Park Play Date kind of Monday:

We headed over to our friend Lauren's house for a play date this morning with her little boy Ryan, who is 2 months younger then Charli! It was a beautiful sunny Monday here in Monterey, and we met our other friend Kari and her little girl Lexi, who is exactly one year older then Charli, at the Tot Lot (a little playground), next to Lauren's house! It was a perfect little morning! We introduced Charli to the swing last week for the very first time, so I was excited to put her back in the swing again this morning! She absolutely loved it, and thought it was the funniest thing that every time the swing came back towards me I played "I'm gonna get you"! (I just love hearing her giggle! It is the best sound in the entire world!)

Hope your Monday was great! 

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