Tuesday, February 26, 2013

NPS Basketball Game:

Steven has been playing basketball, flag football, and softball during the two years he has been here at NPS. I have gone and cheered him on the first year, but have not made it out to watch him since Charli has been born because his games are usually after we put her to bed, but last night his basketball game was earlier, so Charli and I got to cheer daddy on at his game!! 

Charli is definitely either going to be a Cheerleader, or she really wants to play... She was yelling  cheering for the boys! So cute! I of course snapped a few pictures! 

My man has ups!

The guys played awesome, and were ahead most of the game. It was tied up with just a couple of minutes left in the game, and the other teamed scored... With seconds left in the game, Steven scored to tie the game back up to head into overtime! Woohoo!! 

They played great during overtime and won the game! Way to go guys! Great game! I am glad we could go and cheer them on!  

Charli with daddy after the game! 

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