Monday, February 18, 2013

San Diego Trip: Part One- Our Travels:

I will be separating our vacation into different parts to spare you of one post with a hundred pictures! ;) And yes, if you know me, I 100% took well over 100 pictures! (I'm pretty sure my picture taking has increased significantly now that we have Charli in our life, and I am 100% okay with it!) :) So on to our trip...

We decided to start our road trip to San Diego on Valentine's Day! And I must say, it was the best Valentine's Day EVER! Just spending it with my two loves would have been more then enough for me, but going on vacation, and stopping in Paso Robles on the way out of town for a lovely impromptu Valentine's wine tasting... just added to such a perfect day!

We stopped at Tobin James Winery!

I will miss the breath taking California views when we move. (This is what we get to look at while driving on the Highway!)  

The sun setting over the mountains!

We decided to take a detour and go through LA and did Sunset Blvd! It was fun driving through, but sitting in traffic for oh, I don't know 2 hours to get there, was not so much fun! But we got to see it all, so we can mark that off the California Bucket List! I have a couple of cousins who live in LA, but unfortunately one was out of town for the weekend, and we were unable to meet up with my cousin Lindsey. But we will see them soon! :)

So after driving 8 hours, and dealing with I'm pretty sure the worst drivers ever the entire way down south, and having to take a detour once we got into San Diego because there was a suicide jumper on the Coronado bridge, we finally made it to our hotel! It was a pretty long day, but again, so worth it! We had such an amazing time in San Diego! We were able to do so many fun things with Charli, and made so many memories as a family! We stayed on Coronado Island, we went to Sea World, The San Diego Zoo, we did a lot of pool time, we took the ferry into downtown San Diego, we did a lot of walking around, and taking in the views! We were sad that we were unable to connect with a good friend of mine, Wendy, who lives in San Diego right now (her husband is also in the Navy!), we went to Elementary School, Middle School, and High School together. She had her grandparents in town visiting, and we know how special it is to have family come and visit! But hopefully we will get to see her soon!

The view from our room!

What our mornings look like! 

Taking the ferry to Downtown

Charli's first ferry ride!

Walking around Seaport Village

Having dinner at Harbor House

The sunset we caught heading back to our hotel on the ferry!

Hotel Del Coronado

Sunset Cliffs

We let Charli try a lemon for the first time at breakfast one morning! And these were her many faces...

All in all, it was an amazing family vacation!

We made it back home safe and sound and were so happy to see our fur babies, and Charli fell right back into her normal routine right away! Up next... Our trip to Sea World...

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  1. You are making me incredibly jealous! We terribly miss our first home!! What a great vacation!!