Thursday, January 31, 2013

Charli's First Cold:

Charli has been a bit under the weather for over a week now. It all started after she got her 6 month shots and her first Flu Vaccine. I expected the fever after her shots (which lasted 2 days), and then we had a day of feeling really good before everything else hit... She has had the worst cough (that just breaks my heart), a runny nose, and is super congested. Although sometimes you would never know she was sick or in pain, because she is still the happiest baby I have ever met (we are truly blessed)! But it was made official today that she has her first real cold.

Our first time at the Doctor for a 'sick visit'

Our happy  sick little girl

Playing peek-a-boo while we waited for our Doctor

And of course mommy is getting sick now... Really hoping this does not turn into anything worst for Charli or myself. Just praying we can have a healthy little girl very soon!