Saturday, January 5, 2013

The New Year

First, a little bit of who I am... My name is Traci and I am from Jacksonville, FL. My husband is in the Navy, and after we got married in March of 2011, we moved to Monterey, CA so my husband could attend the Naval Post Graduate School for his Masters Degree. This is the first time I have ever moved away from home. Not too bad though, moving from Florida to California! ;) So this is where our story begins... we live in California, and were blessed to have started our little family!

So, after many long discussions with close friends and family, they have finally talked me in to starting a blog! A recap of my 2012: Announcing we were expecting our first child, celebrating my husband and I's 1 year anniversary, finding out we were having a baby girl, traveling to Tahoe, Vegas, Napa, getting to travel back home to Jacksonville for a baby shower, welcoming our beautiful, healthy baby girl into this world, my mom, dad, and brother getting to travel out here to meet her, watching the Olympics, turning 27, enjoying lots of football (GO GATORS!), taking Charli on her very first vacation to Las Vegas (don't judge ;)) to meet her Godmother, enjoying the entire holiday season with our sweet girl, Charli getting to go on her first plane ride to Jacksonville, FL to meet so many friends and family for the first time, and Charli getting baptized on the USS ROOSEVELT, in the ships bell! And now with 2012 behind us, I can look forward to everything that 2013 has to offer us, and watching our sweet girl (who is already almost a half a year old) grow and change every single day! So here are a few photos from our 2012...

8 months pregnant

Charli Adele- Newborn photos- 5 days old

Charli's first Gator Game- August 2012
Vegas- September 2012

Charli's first Halloween
 Charli's Baptism November 17, 2012
Charli's first Thanksgiving
Charli's first Christmas
So with the New Year, comes resolutions right? My resolutions were to use less social media (aka Facebook), and to really connect with my family and true friends, either in person or over the phone, and starting this blog! I am so happy to be a part of this blogging world, and hope you all enjoy our story and adventures!


  1. Hold the phone. I just graduated from UF and my mister commissioned into the Air Force, so we moved from Florida to Texas. Not as lucky as Cali ;) but we're about to move again so hopefully it will be a better location.