Saturday, January 19, 2013

Charli Adele: 6 month update

Happy HALF Birthday to our sweet girl! And yes, we did sing to her this morning... a bit much? Nope, I think not! And get ready, this post will be filled with LOTS of pictures! Enjoy!

Charli's Stats:
*27inches (95%) and 19lbs 14oz (99%)
*She sleeps from 7 PM to 7-8 AM
*Her favorite part of the morning is when daddy gets her after she wakes up, and she gets to lay in mommy and daddy's bed!
*Her hair is getting so blonde, and her eyes are as blue as ever!
*She has been on food once a day for exactly one week now (peas), and she loves them more and more every single day! We are starting green beans tomorrow!
*She is wearing size 6 month clothes
*She is sitting so well all by herself! She can sit for about 20 minutes!
*She is still teething (has been since 3 months), but still no sign of her first tooth
*She absolutely loves her puppy dogs and think they are the funniest things ever! She loves petting  pulling Bailey's hair (pretty sure Bailey does not find that very funny!) haha
*We just started giving her water in her sippy cup, and she LOVES it! Her eyes get so big and mouth opens as soon as she sees her sippy! (so cute)
*She loves bath time!
*She got so many new toys for Christmas, and really plays with them now! Her favorite one is her Violet dog that her friend Hannah (Joe and Gina's little girl) gave her! She plays with it every single day!
*She just sat in a high chair at a restaurant in her floppy seat for the very first time last night, and again this morning! (such a big girl!)
*She loves when we FaceTime with Nana, Papa, and Uncle Darren!
*She is the happiest baby I have ever seen! She smiles and laughs at everyone and will let anyone hold her!
*She is very ticklish under her chin on her chest (cutest giggle in the entire world!)

You saw a sneak peak of her 6 month photo shoot that I did of her! So here they are!

I am so very blessed to be her mommy and couldn't imagine my life without her! I am in denial that she is growing up so fast, but I look forward to every new thing she does and can't wait for every new thing and adventure we will have with her!

Mommy and Daddy love you sweet baby girl!

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  1. Love the pictures! I saw a picture on Pinterest that would be so cute when she is about 9 months old. It has pearls! I'll have to find it for you.