Friday, January 11, 2013

Crafting Chronicles: Making baby headbands

I have always enjoyed being crafty and creative, and seeing what I can make, but it has always been home decor, so this was a first for me... trying out baby headbands, and I must say, it was SO easy! I tried 2 different kinds. One was made by using tights, and the other was using elastic lace and fabric!

Cut the leg off and snip the toe so each end is a hole.

Put one end inside the other and just stitch it up, using the extra string to wrap a few times around your stitch to hld it together better.

Then I took a piece of ribbon and hot glued it to the back and wrapped it around a couple of times and hot glued the end to the back as well. This gives you the option to put a pre-made flower or bow with an alligator clip! So you can change it out whenever you want!

Helping mommy craft! With her sippy of course! ;)
The stretchy elastic lace I found at the fabric store! I measured out 17 inches since Charli is 6 months (it ended up being a tiny bit loose, but will work perfect as she grows!) After cuting it, hot glue the ends together, overlapping just a little, and its done! Thats it!

The fabrics I chose for the fabric flowers!
These ended up being so easy to make! Cut a piece of fabric and fold it length wise, and then fold it length wise again. Start rolling up one end to create the center, hot glueing as you go. Once you have the center rolled, just start folding and wrapping the fabric around, hot glueing as you go!

Charli modeling her new headband!

And her new burlap flower headband! I also added pearls into the middle of this one!

Happy Crafting!

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