Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend Update:

We had a very lovely weekend, that consisted of antiquing/garage sale-ing, watching football with some friends, taking pictures of our friend's 2 little girls, also doing a little Half Birthday photo shoot of Charli (still in denial that she will be 6 months old next weekend), and introducing food to Charli for the very first time!

So on Saturday morning, the hubby and I decided to go to a few garage sales in Carmel to see if we could find any really cool antiques or vintage items... And I must say, it was a very successful morning! We found an AMAZING vintage rod-iron headboard for our guest bedroom (which ended up matching perfectly), I love it so much! :) We also found an awesome old school desk and chair for Charli (for when she gets older), a really cool antique brief case (which I wanted as a photo prop for Charli's pictures), the hubby got a beer fridge and a hanging hammock chair (both for the man cave... garage ;)).

Most of our sweet finds!

Sunday afternoon we introduced food to Charli for the first time! This was such a big milestone, and such a special time for our little family! We are making all of Charli's food, with her chance of having food allergies like myself, we figured this will be the best way of us knowing what is going into her little tummy! So for her first food, we made green peas! Yummy! She was very curious as to what was going on, and took her first bite like a champ... then was a little confused! haha! It was priceless, and yes, I got a video of it! :) After eating her first bite, she was not sure about eating more, but we were able to get a few more bites in and were so proud of her! So we will be feeding her green peas the rest of the week before moving on to green beans! We are so excited about this next chapter and everything to continue to look forward to as she grows!

Green Peas are ready to eat! ;)

We decided to give her her first bite with her Tiffany's spoon! haha! 

She is all ready!

(mommy, what is daddy giving me?)

HAHA! I love this picture... priceless! 

mommy's turn!

The leftovers for the week! :)

So I am no professional photographer, but I have always enjoyed photography and pictures, and took photography classes in college, because I thought that is what I wanted to do one day. I also worked as an assistant right out of college and photographed a few weddings and engagement shoots, but again, I was just the assistant! But now that I have the most perfect little model, I have been doing a lot more photography, and having friends with little ones, how could I not photograph them for fun too! So here is just a sneak peak of Charli's Half Birthday photo shoot and a few that I did for a friend! :)

The headband that I made last week, and the brief case we found at a garage sale for $2!
The bubble romper she is wearing was mine from when I was a baby! So special to see her wearing it!

And here are a few of my friend Gina's two adorable girls!! I love taking pictures of these two cuties! 
Hannah and Maddie

She is such a little model! Too cute!

Look at that sweet face! 

Hope your weekend was amazing! 


  1. Great pictures!! I Just got a "good" camera and am (barely) learning how to use it!! I can't wait until I can take some really good pictures :)

    I love the pictures of Charli eating peas...Cam's face was not so cute the first time he tried peas! ;)

    1. Thank you! I sure do love taking pictures, and now having a little model in the house, I love taking them even more! ;)

      Her eating peas for the first time was priceless! Hahaha!!!