Tuesday, January 8, 2013


It is so crazy how somthing so small means so much now a days... Charli used a sippy cup for the very first time tonight... and she LOVED it! It was the cutest thing! We put a tiny bit of orange Pedialyte in it! I kind of think she enjoyed chewing on it and holding it, more than drinking it! :) But hey, still a big milestone for these first time parents! ;)

Here it is... Charli's all mighty sippy cup! ;)

Holding her sippy cup like such a big girl!


  1. How adorable! We have a 6 month old boy (born July 1), and he has the same sippy cup and LOVES it!! I can't wait to follow you!!

    P.S. Our "girl" name is Charlotte with Charli as a nickname!!

    1. That is so funny! We named her after my husband's grandfather! I love Charli for a girl! I am so glad you are going to follow me! yay! ;) Charli and your son are just 2 weeks apart, she was born July 19! So fun!