Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend Update

We had a really nice weekend, that started out in Carmel on a beautiful Friday afternoon as a family! We walked around and did a little shopping, and then decided to grab a cocktail for Happy Hour! (why not right? It was a Friday, almost 5, OK it was 4 PM, but close enough! ;)) So we went to this really adorable restaurant Vesuvio! (I had been before with a couple of my girlfriends for a girls night) It has a rooftop bar, that is super nice and quaint, and we thought it would be perfect since it was a beautiful 70 degree day! And it was perfect! We also caught a beautiful sunset pulling into our house!

Saturday morning we woke up to a tiny little tooth that is slowly making its presence!! Woohoo!! Charli has been teething for over 3 months now, and the bottom center right tooth has broke through! Poor thing has become sick again because of this dang tooth, but I am so happy to see it poking through finally! (I have been trying to take a picture of it, but Charli thinks it is a game when I start opening her mouth! She sticks her tongue out!)
We decided to do something fun on Saturday, so our friends Joe, Gina, and their two little girls, and us, hopped in the car and drove to Santa Cruz! We did the Beach Boardwalk, and it ended up being such an awesome day! Steven and I did Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk back in June when his brother (who is also in the Navy and stationed in Italy) flew in to spend a week with us, and I was 9 months pregnant. So needless to say, I was waddling, eating ice cream, and complaining because I was hot and my back hurt! :) haha! But we still had a blast then too! But this time, I was able to ride the roller coaster! I must admit, I was kind of terrified about it (I'm afraid of heights, and I just get super nervous with those kinds of things! haha), but my friend Gina made me, and it was the best decision of the afternoon! Neither of us had been on a roller coaster in a very long time, and we had a blast! (My cheeks were hurting because I was screaming/laughing/smiling the whole time!) The guys took Charli and Hannah on the Carousel (it was Charli's first time on a Carousel, or any sort of "ride" for that matter!) Hannah did not want to get off, and I think Charli had a good time too... might have been a bit confused as to what was going on, but still had fun! ;) All in all, it was an awesome day, and great decision to go!
Just a little flashback! This was from our trip in June! 

We had a little Arcade fun too!

OK, and we ate ice cream this time too! ;) (You can't pass up soft served!)

Our tickets for the roller coaster!! 

HAHAHA! This picture is priceless!

Sunday morning we had to say goodbye to daddy for the first time :( he had a business trip for school that he had to go to... this is the first time he has left Charli (and two years for me). Needless to say I was very sad, and am hoping this week goes by super fast so he can come home! :) On a side note, Charli did get rice cereal for the very first time this morning! She seemed to like it!

We miss you daddy and love you bunches!

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!

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