Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oh Happy Day...

Today was just one of those Feel Good kind of days... Maybe because I have a beautiful family that I get to wake up to every morning, or possibly because it has been beautiful, sunny, 70 degree weather here in Monterey... I think those are both the case... and maybe, just maybe its also because my husband got his orders today for our next duty station!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!! So as I mentioned in my last post, we are in our home stretch living here in Monterey... only 5 more months left. And today was the day that we found out where the Navy will be sending us next... We are headed to the beautiful Charleston, SC! I could not be happier! And yes, when Steven called me this morning to tell me we got our #1 choice, I might have grabbed Charli and started dancing around the house in our PJ's! Not only will it be an amazing move for the location (we will only be 3 hours away from my family and all of my friends), but it will be an amazing step in Steven's career! He will be the XO of the Naval Operational Support Center! I am so proud of him and everything he has accomplished in his 15 years serving our Country, and am beyond excited for him, and this next chapter as a Naval Officer! Charleston, here we come!!!!

On another note, the one down side to our day was Charli getting all of her 6 month shots and her first flu shot... :( Steven makes me stand by Charli and comfort her during her shots, and it is the hardest thing to do. My heart breaks every time... No mother wants to see their baby in pain (even if we know it is for the good, and know it is going to make them healthy). So as always, those last 2 shots are the ones that get her... and I. The look on her face as her bottom lip comes out, her eyes close up, and the tears start streaming down her face... and all you hear is the cry. I of course start crying and I know there is nothing I can do except tell her everything is alright. Daddy then comes in and 'saves the day' as he likes to call it, comforting, and kissing her. But Charli is such a little champ, and immediately stops crying... mommy on the other hand... does not. haha! But we are doing good, and Charli went right to bed as soon as we got home, and I am praying that she does not get sick and that she feels good tomorrow (I know her little chunky legs will be sore, but I hope that's all!)

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  1. Oh no, shots are no fun!!! I think all Mom's continue crying when the baby's stop after 10 seconds. :)