Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy 1 Year Blogiversary:

Happy 1 Year to The HALLway: Life. Love. Simply Creative! 

I cannot believe it has already been one year now that I entered into this oh so unfamiliar place we call 'blogland'! I remember starting this blog not knowing if I was really going to love it or if it was just going to be a pain in the butt... But it wasn't very long after starting that I realized just how much I enjoy blogging and all of the wonderful people I have 'met' through this blog! 

I absolutely love having a place to jot down not only our adventures as a family, but our every day memories and moments. Having this blog has made every day worth writing about and sharing to all of you. Especially since we are a military family and move quite often and cannot be with our loved ones every day, this blog has been the perfect place for our family and friends to follow us, check in on us, and really still feel apart of our every day life even when they can't be! 

As you may know (or have seen on my page) I have been a part of Top Mommy Blogger for just over a month now. And a huge Thank You to all of you who have been voting for me! I am ranked the #1 Military Mom Blog on their website as well as being in the top 25 overall! It has definitely added some amazing opportunities for The HALLway and I have been contacted by multiple marketing firms and affiliations whom I may partner with in the future.

This blog was started to be our families little online journal and nothing more.  But it has been pretty neat and interesting to be contacted by people who have found something about The HALLway that they truly love. 

So there may be some 'Giveaways' or little things added in the future... 
We will see what I decide to do! 
It truly is wonderful, so again Thank You! 

A few fun facts about The HALLway: 
Very first post: The New Year written on Jan. 5, 2013
Number of posts written: 191
Total Number of views: over 37,000
Number of Countries that The HALLway has been viewed from: 10
Top viewed posts:
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Top Topic: Charli (duh!)

Again, Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all of the love, support, encouragement, and friendships I have made through this wonderful little blog! 
It really means so much to me! 

To many many more years...