Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend Update: The Charleston Marathon:

Friday we were gearing up for The Charleston Marathon and making sure everything was ready for the morning. 
We headed to the Expo to get everything for both Steven and Amia

And spent the rest of the day relaxing. 

We headed out to Olive Garden for a nice 'carb load' dinner for Steven. This was the first time I have even tried to eat at Olive Garden since I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and to my surprise, they had a wonderful Gluten Free menu full with Gluten Free pastas and all (insert happy dance)! 
No bread sticks though... But I could still indulge in the amazing salad (always a favorite)! 

Steven's brother Amia got in early Friday evening, as he was running in the Marathon with Steven. 

Then it was an early bedtime for all as Saturday was going to be a big day! 

Saturday morning, the boys were up bright and early, and thanks to Amia's girlfriend being here I didn't have to wake up Charli to take them to the start line, thanks again Sarah! 

 The boys were off, in the freezing cold, and we were so excited to cheer them on! 

We were able to cheer for them at a few different locations with our signs and all...

Don't worry, I made one's that said "Go DADDY Go" and "Go Uncle Amia" too! ;)

Mile 18

Mile 20 and 22

And the Finish Line

 I am so incredibly proud of both my husband and brother in law for doing absolutely amazing in their very first Marathon! 

Despite the freezing cold weather and wind conditions making it even colder, they were troopers and fought to the very end! 

Great job boys!

 Way to go Steven, your girls couldn't be more proud of you and all of your hard work and dedication these past couple of months! 
We love you! 

 You could imagine what the rest of our Saturday looked like...
Popping Blisters
Two boys not moving very much
And heading to bed early!

Sunday we woke up and made pancakes for a certain little one's half birthday, and spent the rest of the morning spending time with Amia and Sarah before they hit the road back to Jax.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing sore muscles and watching the Seahawks win!! 
(All of my moms family is from the Pacific Northwest and are huge Seahawks fans, so by default we root for the Seahawks whenever possible!) 

Monday was a day full of 
Errand Running
Mommy getting to go shopping
Park Time
Backyard Time
Lunch Time
Nap Time
Washing the Car
Wagon Time
More Backyard Time
And Dinner...

We had an amazing weekend and I am still so proud of my husband and his amazing accomplishment! 

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend as well! 
Happy Monday!


  1. Way to go, Steven. Definitely a proud moment. I love Charli's sign. Haha

    1. Thank You! :) and yes, the sign was classic I think! haha!

  2. That sign...!!! LOL! And goodness, way to go Steven! I have the utmost respect for those that train for and complete a marathon! That's dedication! Glad you had a good weekend! :)

    1. Thank you! It was definitely a good weekend! And I am the same... I won't even go out and run 1 mile, let alone 26.2! haha! More power to them!