Friday, January 3, 2014

One Lovely Blog Award:

I want to thank Rachel over at The Ross Family for nominating me for One Lovely Blog Award!
You are so sweet! 

The Rules:
Thank the one that nominated you.
Put up the picture for the lovely blog award.
Tell everyone 7 things about yourself.
Nominate 7 other people and tell them that you've nominated them.

7 things about myself:

1. I have never had braces. Although I have chipped my front right tooth about a dozen times... haha

2. I have never broken a bone. Crazy to think about, with all of the sports I have played and injuries I have had... But no breaks (knock on wood)! ;)

3. I was in a severe Golf Cart accident about 6-7 years ago. I was not driving, the Golf Cart flipped and landed on me, and drug me down the cart path on the golf course. I had very severe injuries to my right leg (and still have no feeling in the lower leg/ankle), and like I mentioned above... 
No breaks... 
I was in and out of Specialists Offices for about 6 months, getting X-Rays every week during that time. All of the skin on my leg had been torn off and as it was trying to heal got infected. The Doctors talked about skin grafting and also possibly amputating (it was that bad). 
Thank the good Lord that didn't happen and they were finally able to get everything under control. 

4. I never wax or pluck my eyebrows. I know! Just little blonde baby hairs grow and they are few and far between, so I think I actually take tweezers to them maybe twice a year... if that!

5. Although I may not seem like it these days, I was a huge athlete growing up and through High School. My main two sports being swimming and soccer. I swam and played soccer for 16 years. Starting both at age 3. 
I was All- Conference and All- State in High School and just really didn't want to play in College! haha

6. I wear watches every day. With that being said, I probably wouldn't be able to tell you the time... Not because I can't read it, but because half the time my watch is three hours ahead or behind, or the battery is dead! LOL! I always forget that my husband changes the time on my watch whenever we are traveling to different time zones and then I never change it back, because honestly when someone asks me what time it is, I pull out my phone! HAHA! 
(My watches are for style... clearly!) ;)

7. I have to take a bath every night. It is just something that I have always done and really helps relax me at the end of the day! 
It's my perfect! 

My Nominations Are:
Sorry if you have already been nominated. Just showing my love! :)

Jessie at Nelson Notes
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Kate at Daffodil's
Chelsea at Anchors Aweigh

Thank you so much again Rachel for the nomination!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!
Happy Friday!


  1. No fair about the eye brows! And how awful about the golf cart accident. Who knew a golf cart could be so harmful? The kids in our neighborhood drive them around like they're scooters. haha Also, thanks for nominating me. Hopefully I'll find some time to blog amid all our sickness here at home.

    1. I actually always forget about the eyebrow thing but my husband always mentions something about it! haha! And yes, the golf cart thing was definitely scary... I never knew they could be so dangerous either! And you are very welcome! Hope everyone starts to feel better soon! :(

  2. You are so sweet to nominate me, thank you!! I cannot believe you have never had braces! You have such beautiful teeth! Jealous! :)


    1. Hahah! Thank you! And you are so welcome!! :)

  3. wait, let's be honest, the real clock face confuses you a bit ;) hehe juuuust kidding (because you know my MK watch doesn't work either...)