Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Update: A random three day weekend:

 This weekend was a three day weekend with daddy that consisted of a lot of relaxing, life, and a little cold weather! 

Steven had Friday off, and we spent the morning at Doctor's appointments for both Charli and I 
(just checkups). 
Charli had her 18 month checkup

To bring you all up to date, little miss weighed in at 31 LBS and was almost 36 INCHES (We sure do have a very tall girl on our hands!) This was the first time we have had a Doctor ask about both Steven and mine's height along with our family's... 
I guess Charli is destined to be tall with a daddy who is over 6'2, Aunts and Uncles who range from 6'1 to 6'3, Grandparents and even Great Grandparents who are 5'11 up to 6'2, and even a mommy who is a little above average at 5'6! 

The rest of our afternoon consisted of doing lots of shopping and a perfect family lunch date! Then Charli and I took a much needed afternoon nap while Steven went into the office to work a little bit even on his day off. Friday ended with some time playing in the backyard after nap, followed by an amazing Filet Mignon dinner cooked by the hubby! 

Saturday morning started with chocolate chip pancakes (my favorite) followed by us braving the freezing weather conditions Downtown for a family walk.

We headed to Fort Moultrie Park and Seawall

After walking through the beautiful park and looking at all of the statues with so much history embedded in them, we headed out to the Seawall to go for a walk along the water

 With of course a walk down a cobblestone street

We were only able to get a couple of miles in as it was blistering cold and we had a little lady who started to get chapped cheeks...

So we called it a morning and headed back to some warmth! 

The rest of our Saturday was pretty relaxing and consisted of a lot of playing indoors with the fire going! 

Sunday was another relaxing kind of day that consisted of...
Lots of playing inside
A little backyard/dirt time until it got too cold
And dinner

Nothing too crazy, but absolutely perfect in my book!

Now we are preparing for what could be a little 'Charleston Blizzard' mid-week!  

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and stayed warm as well!
Happy Monday!


  1. Your weekends always seem to be the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation.

  2. Thank you! It is definitely something we both try to instill in our weekends together! Trying to get out to do something fun, but still really cherishing the time together at home as a family!! :)

  3. Looks like a great weekend! And oh my goodness, she is SUPER tall!! What percentile was she?

    1. Thank you! Our Doctor said if he could put her in the 100th percentile he would, but they can't... So 99%! :)