Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekend Update: Impromptu Weekend Trip to Jax:

This weekend was supposed to consist of a whole lot of nothing and putting away Christmas decor...

However on Thursday night we decided last minute to make the trip down to Jax since we had nothing going on and when we started looking at our next couple of months we have something planned or going on until March...

So Friday morning consisted of me packing and then we hit the road.

We arrived at my parents early afternoon and were ready to spend a nice freezing relaxing weekend with them!

Our SUV needed new brakes and a few other maintenance items, so I am very thankful that we went  to Jax because we were able to drop the car off with my cousin Paul who took it to his shop and fixed everything for us. I feel incredibly grateful that I have family who can do this and that our car is running like new again! Thank you so much again Paul!!

Friday evening Steven spent some time with his brother and stayed the night over at his house so they could go running first thing Saturday morning (their marathon is 2 weeks away). While us girls stayed at my parents and then woke up Saturday morning and went shopping with Nana (my how I love going shopping with Nana!!) ;) Then we headed over and spent some good quality time with some family friends of ours. Charli loved running around with their girls! Then we headed back to the house to see Great Boo Boo (my grandmother) and Aunt Shay before it was lunch and nap!
It was a perfect Saturday morning spent with friends and family!

Saturday afternoon was spent running around outside in the freezing cold (who would have thought it would be so cold in Florida...)

I die. haha! Fuzzy warm hat with ears... Is there anything cuter? Nope. Not uh! 

 Trying her hardest to get to that pool... Seriously, even in the cold...

And of course... in the leaves!

Always having fun with her Nana!

Saturday evening Steven and I headed out for the perfect date night thanks to Nana and Papa! We had dinner at PF Changs and saw Anchorman 2 (which I was so disappointed with). Afterwards we grabbed some froyo and walked around REI! haha! I love being able to go out on dates with my handsome man! It truly was a perfect night!

Sunday morning we woke up and lounged around for a little bit before hitting the road back home early afternoon. Once we got home Charli was sleepy from the car ride and wanted needed a nap and Steven took off on a 2 hour bike ride, so I had some time to relax in the afternoon myself. The evening was spent putting away the last of our Christmas decor, watching football, and enjoying my husband's cooking for dinner (we did breakfast for dinner one of my favorites!)

It was definitely a quick little trip down to Jax, but I am so glad we went.
It was a quiet weekend but it was a perfect weekend!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!
Happy Monday!


  1. Sounds like fun! So nice that you guys can just jump in the car and go home!

    1. It really has been such a nice change from living on the other side of the country and barely getting to see family, to just jumping in the car at a moments notice! We are really taking advantage of it while we can! :)

  2. SO nice to be close enough to just pop in for the weekend!