Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekend Update: Festivals, Family, Fun, and the Sun:

We truly had an amazing, fun filled, and festive Charleston kind of weekend! 
The weather has been absolutely beautiful here; 85 degrees, perfect spring breeze, and Sunshine with clear blue skies... Making us want to get out and explore! 

If you couldn't guess, we love our weekends together as a family, and we always try to do something fun, even if it is just a park visit or something small. This weekend there was a lot of things to choose from here in Charleston, and I think we picked perfectly! 


Steven had Friday off since his mom left. I had a Doctor's appointment in the morning and we decided to keep it a very low key day since we were on the go and busy during Grammy's visit. Charli was able to get a good nap in, we played in the pool in the backyard, and we headed out for a Friday Family Date Night at a new Seafood Restaurant; Wreckfish!

Saturday morning, while Charli and I lounged around, Steven headed out for a 55 mile bike ride with his new team. Steven was picked up to race with the US Military Endurance Sports Team and he also races for a Low Country Race team here in Charleston.  This was his first team/group ride in a long time and I am very proud of his accomplishments and talents as an athlete. 

When he got home we packed up the car and headed out for a day at the beaches...
But not before picking up a lemonade from our neighbor girls!

(Seriously, how cute!)

Our Saturday afternoon consisted of: 

The Sand & Sea Festival in Folly Beach

(Ohhhh the agony of taking a family picture...)

And our first family beach day of the year:

(Daddy blocking Charli from running into the crashing waves)

(Why oh why would you not let me keep running deeper and deeper into the ocean? Side note: She would not take her pink firefighter hat off that the firemen gave her at the Festival! haha!)

This was Charli's first time at the beach since last year. She was actually very unsure of the sand at first and would not step off of the blanket. We slowly eased her into sitting in the sand and she fell back in love with it. Now, as far as the water... I knew our water baby would run right in with no fear... And Mommy was right. She ran straight into the crashing waves and kept going. Steven would grab her and put her back at the waters edge, and she would take off again (is she trying to give us a heart attack?!). Needless to say there were lots of tears every time we wouldn't allow her to just keep running deeper into the water (sweetheart, you don't know how to swim yet...) haha! 

But all in all, it was a perfect afternoon and we had a blast! 
And there was a certain little girl who was out within 2 minutes of our car ride home!  

And we picked up this big guy on our way home, as we are puppy sitting him again this week! 

Can you believe how big he has gotten since christmas.
He is such a big puppy and him and Bogey love playing together... And of course Bailey still bosses them all around! 

We ended our Saturday evening watching the Masters, eating dinner, and putting an exhausted little girl to bed! 

This morning was Palm Sunday at church

I can't believe that we are officially in Holy Week and that Easter is next Sunday! 
Oh and when did our little girl grow up?

 I can't handle her in a backpack... I literally cried! haha! She loves her Bee and loves our church nursery! It really melts my momma heart, but I just can't handle it! 
She is too grown!

After church we headed to Boone Hall Plantation (same place we went to the Pumpkin Patch) for the Strawberry Festival! 

There was so much to do:

From walking around the grounds:

To the pig races:

 To playing:

To the Carnival:

And our favorite attraction... 
The U-Pick Strawberries and Tractor Ride:

(Those dirty, gritty hands holding that little strawberry... In love!)

(Showing daddy which ones she wants!)

(Our over 4LBS of delicious, yummy, juicy goodness!)

 We had so much fun picking fresh strawberries and I think Charli was at the perfect age for it! 
She LOVED picking them, eating them, and of course getting dirty while doing it! 
Thank goodness for baby wipes on the tractor ride back! 

The rest of our Sunday was pretty relaxing and consisted of:
The Masters
Some backyard time
And some inside play time

We had an absolutely perfect weekend as a family! 

I hope you also had a perfect weekend with loved ones! 
Here is to a great week! 


  1. Oh my gosh - are those little jellies that Charli is wearing?!?!?! LOVE! And you are rocking that bikini, Momma! Looks like such a fun weekend!

  2. Wow such a fun filled weekend!! We're going to the beach this weekend and I'm sure Layla is going to be the same way Charli was...I'm expecting a ton of tantrums! I need to put Charleston on my must visit list, looks like there's so much to do!!

  3. No one tantrums like Toddler Bubs leaving the freezing cold freaking pacific! ha So jealous of your beach time!