Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Bogey:

Our baby boy turns the big 4 today! 

I can't believe it has been almost 4 years since we picked this nugget out from a rescue...

Steven really wanted to get a big dog since we only had my sweet little Bailey to protect our home ;)! So I finally agreed to get one... I wanted a black Lab and Steven wanted a German Shepard so we comprised and came home with a Bogey Bear! haha! 

Bogey is a very misunderstood dog; he is VERY protective of our home and our family, 
he looks and sounds extremely mean when people come to the door, however he is the most loyal, loving dog you could have. To be completely honest Bogey makes me feel so protected when Steven isn't around and Charli absolutely loves her "Bo"! She loves throwing the ball to him, telling him "No Bo", and pulling his ears and tail (which I'm sure he loves too!) ;)
He's our Bogey Bear! 

The birthday boy got a special birthday breakfast this morning, a birthday photo shoot (duh, of course!), and he has a friend to play with today (Hachi)!

Sounds like a perfect birthday to me! 

Happy Birthday Bogey Bear! 
We love you! 


  1. So sweet, happy birthday!!!!


  2. Ha! I love that he got a birthday photo shoot! Happy Birthday, Bogey!

  3. Love those pictures! SO sweet. My Piston would never sit still with a hat on. Or actually, sit still period!

    1. Well I had a treat in my hand so that helped, but I also think he thought he was in trouble so he didn't want to move! haha!

  4. Happy Birthday Bogey! It sounds like you had the perfect birthday, and it's obvious that you're loved very, very much!

  5. Awwh that's so cute! Happy Birthday Bogey!