Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Mix-Up: Hair:

Happy Monday Friends! 

Today's Monday Mix-Up with The Heathered Life & The Hollinsworth House is all about Hair & Makeup. 

I decided to take a different approach to this topic, and instead of talking about my head of hair, I am going to talk about another little head of hair that is by far my absolute favorite...

I can't tell you how often we get compliments on Charli's hair and how pretty it is, how even the growth is, and if we have cut it to look like it does. The answer is, nope, we have not cut it and have no plans of cutting it for a while! She was honestly just blessed with these beautiful locks that she got from her Daddy!
The curls, the thickness, all Steven, but the color I think is more me. Charli was born with a head full of thick dark brown/black hair that shortly after started to lighten up a lot and has continued to grow into this beautiful mound of dirty blonde curls that I adore!  

So I thought it would be fun to share our routine on Charli's hair with everyone! 

Her night time routine looks a little like this:
*We wash Charli's hair every other night, or more if it is necessary from the days activities!
*We towel dry and it air dries over night
*After getting her ready for bed, I run my hands and fingers that have left over Johnson & Johnson bedtime lotion through her hair (I think it gives it the perfect smell and honestly helps control the curls and frizz some)
*Then on to brushing it out! I am very particular with how I brush her hair. I brush it all forwards, make her part on the left side, then brush her hair in the direction it goes.
*Lastly, when brushing down the back of her head, I always place my hand at about her neck after brushing her hair down, to then comb her ends/curls back upwards! 

 And in the morning I get this!

With all of the hair that Charli has, some mornings she has crazy bed head, so her morning routine looks a little like this:

*Brush her hair, perfect part and all
*Wet her hair down
*Brush her hair again, doing same routine with hand at back of neck and flipping ends back upwards
*If we don't have anywhere to go I will let it air dry, but if we have somewhere to be I will blow dry it (which she loves)! She loves sitting on Mommy's sink, brushing her teeth while I blow dry and comb through her hair at the same time, and we just talk! 
*Add a bow and voila!

She is ready to tackle the day! 

Charli is no longer a fan of pigtails or a single pony tail. She requests her bows when we are getting dressed (it's like she knows that her bow is the last piece of getting ready)! I love it and I'll take it! 

I seriously love everything about my little girls wild head of hair. I am obsessed with brushing it, running my fingers through it, tucking it behind her ears, and fixing her bangs. I can't get enough of the smell, the softness, the color, those curls (I mean come on), and that little side part with her long swooped bangs pinned back by her bows! 

I know some Momma's might think I'm crazy or that what I do is a bit much for a toddler, but it is who I am, and it doesn't take any longer for us to get ready!

Hope you enjoyed Charli's hair tips! ;)
And I hope everyone has a happy Monday!  

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  1. I just love her hair! Please keep those curls as long as you can. :)