Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekend Update: Nana and Nancy's Weekend Visit:

I absolutely love that my family and friends are only three and a half hours away. It has been such a delight to host so many friends and family during our time here in Charleston. This weekend we were lucky enough to get to play host again and this time to a new visitor!  

My mom had planned on coming coming up this weekend for a visit and our friend Nancy was able to make the trip along with her (we did miss her hubby Joe though)! 

Friday was the usual... I had a Doctor's appointment, we ran to the Commissary for a little grocery shopping, and Daddy was able to get off work a little early which meant he got to do some lawn chores! 

Then Nana and Miss Nancy arrived

(Someone was VERY happy!!)

And we had fresh steamed crab legs and a bottle of Chardonnay waiting for them...

And the best part of Nana being in town means Mommy and Daddy are off of bath and bedtime duty! ;) We spent the rest of the evening hanging out and talking and finished with a movie night; American Hustle.

Saturday morning we headed to Base for a 5k Color Run/Walk for Sexual Assault Prevention.

Steven ran the 5K while us girls walked it. We were also not prepared for the fact that it was a "paint run" and really did not want to get our clothes dirty...

 We somehow managed to squeak by the paint throwers at each station with only a little paint on our t-shirts ;) ...  But we had a blast together, getting a little exercise, and all for a great cause! 

After the race we headed home for some playtime in the backyard before it was lunch and nap. 
After nap we headed into Summerville for the Italian Festival that was going on...

It was a bit of a let down and not as big as we thought it was going to be, like the Flowertown Festival but we still had a great time walking around and checking everything out. 

And since we didn't stay at the festival as long as we were planning we decided to take my mom and Nancy to the Riverfront Memorial Park

With some time to play in the giant sand box of course...

 Then we headed out for an early dinner at one of our favorite Mexican Restaurants and enjoyed the beautiful weather sitting outside taking tequila shots, sipping on margaritas, and eating some chips and queso (I clearly only partook in the last...)

It was a perfect day and perfect evening that ended with another movie night; Delivery Man.

This morning Steven went for a run while all us girls slept in a little while longer then got up and enjoyed a morning cup of coffee while my amazing husband made his famous Sunday Waffles! 
After breakfast we headed out front for a little playtime

 (Just a girl and her pup out for a Sunday morning drive!)

 Followed by Charli's first pool day of the season! 

With of course time for snacks... But don't try and steal one because this little lady will go fishing around to find what you ate! haha

 After some time at the big pool, we headed back to the house to get ready for lunch, nap, and saying our goodbyes... But not without some little pool time with Nana before she left...

 I always hate saying goodbye, but at least we will be back down in Jax soon to see everyone for a vacation at the beach! 

We were so happy to see my mom and Nancy and cannot wait for Nancy and Joe to come back up for a visit!! 

We love you guys! 

The rest of our day consisted of a bike ride for daddy, naps all around, a nice family dinner, and an exhausted little girl tucked into bed! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! 
We sure did! 


  1. Perfect weekend!!! Xo

  2. You and Kate make me wish that there was a base near my parents! Love that y'all get to see family so often!

  3. It sounds like the most perfect weekend! (I wish we could capture some of that weather over here.) Family visits are so much fun--it sounds like everyone found time to catch up, relax, and enjoy the great outdoors.

  4. Looks like such a great weekend!! I love that Charli keeps her sunglasses on, so cute!!