Sunday, April 20, 2014

Weekend Update: Our Easter Weekend:

Alleluia! Christ is Risen!
The Lord is Risen indeed, Alleluia! 

I hope everyone had a truly amazing Easter weekend. I know we sure did! 

The weather has been crazy weird (which I'm sure a lot of people are saying), and the whole weekend here called for pretty chilly temps and a whole lot of rain... 

Friday was a pretty low key day due to the weather. It consisted of the Commissary, a few errands, a nap, and daddy coming home a little early! 
The rain may have put a little damper on our grilling plans for the evening... 
But it surely didn't stop us... 
You just have to improvise! 

We woke up Saturday morning to more rain and just a gross looking day...
Needless to say, it put this emotional preggo in a slight state of depression... It is Easter weekend and it is supposed to be Sunny, beautiful, blue skies... instead it was gross, grey, cold, and rainy.
Good thing I have an amazing husband who knows how to cheer me up! 
We all got ready and went shopping! ;)

And you can't go to the outlets without a ride on the ducky!

At least I can look at this sweetie and the joy and happiness she brings to us! And the look on her face and how much fun she was having is all I needed! 

The rest of our Saturday was spent inside: 

Making Jell-o egg molds

And dying Easter eggs

This was Charli's very first time dying eggs! 
We let her watch/help daddy dye the first couple of eggs

Then let her go to town all on her own...

She did absolutely wonderful and I'm pretty sure she made the prettiest eggs I have ever seen! 

Side note: After dying the eggs, I used a mixture of vinegar and baking soda on her hands, letting them soak as I rubbed her fingers, then using a scrub brush with soap and her hands came out perfectly clean! 

We ended our Saturday pretty early as I came down with a horrible migraine earlier that afternoon and was sick the rest of the day... I was in bed while daddy was putting Charli down. 
Not how I wanted to end our day at all.

This morning we thankfully woke up to no rain (still grey and chilly though), no migraine (Praise The Lord), and a certain little bunny that had left some goodies downstairs...

(You can check out some of the goodies that were left in Charli's basket here)

 She also had a few eggs to find that were left around the house!

After a fun morning of Easter baskets, Easter eggs, Easter candy, and of course waffles, we headed out for church! 

Alleluia! Christ is Risen!
The Lord is Risen indeed, Alleluia! 

After church, Charli was able to participate in her first big girl egg hunt! 
She was so excited and seemed to know exactly what to do! 

 She was so funny and loved running around picking up all the eggs! 

Our Easter morning was truly amazing!

After church, it was back to the house for a couple of naps for us girls, and a run for daddy. The rest of our day was pretty low key.
Then we shared an amazing little family Easter dinner together!

After dinner, and bath, it was time for bed for an exhausted little girl! 
I think Charli's second Easter was a success! 
The icing on the cake was hearing the sweetest sounding, most adorable "I love you" ("I love lu") as I kissed our sweet girl goodnight! 
I love you too my little love, Happy Easter!

I truly had such a blessed Easter with my little family! 
I am the luckiest girl in the world to have these 2 (3)! 

A very Happy Easter from our family to yours! 


  1. Wow! She came up with quite the haul for her first egg hunt! You and Charli look absolutely adorable in your matching dresses! And I love the photo of her and Steven looking back at you as they walk down the sidewalk. So cute!

    1. Oh - and Happy Easter! How could I forget the most important thing I had to say?!?!

    2. Haha! Thank you and Happy Easter to you guys! And I loved that picture of her and Steven too! :) And she wouldn't stop grabbing eggs... haha! She was watching all of the older kids and picked right up on it. She was hilarious! (Oh and that all of the older kids kept telling her there were more and letting her go and get more since she was the youngest!) It was pretty cute!

  2. Happy Easter! Sorry that the weather wasn't the best, what an odd spring it's been! You guys seriously look adorable! Glad you're feeling better, hope those nasty mirgraines stay away!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, very odd Spring indeed! And I am hoping these migraines stay away too! They seemed to have been for a while but now they are coming back...

  3. Happy Easter!! It was gloomy and rainy here too. Love all of the pictures of egg hunting and what not!!

    1. Thank you so much! Happy Easter to you!

  4. The weather was similar here, but glad you made the best of it!! Just the sweetest family!!