Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Mix-Up: Easter:

Happy Monday friends! 

Well, because I know you didn't get enough of our Easter adventures, I am linking up with The Heathered Life & The Hollinsworth House for the Easter edition of Monday Mix-Up! 

This post will be short and sweet! 

You can check out all of the fun we had and how we celebrated our Easter weekend here
You can also check out all of the fun goodies that the Easter Bunny brought our sweet Charli here

I think those two links pretty much sum up Charli's Second Easter, and how much fun we had as a family together! We definitely missed being with our families and friends but we really enjoyed being able to continue on with some traditions we have started as a family and spending that time together, just the 3 (4) of us! ;) 

I hope everyone truly had an amazing Easter! 

So now I am going to leave you with this...
More pictures of Charli and I in our matching Lilly dresses! 

Me: Dress: Lilly Pulitzer | Cardigan: J.Crew | Shoes: Lilly Pulitzer

Charli: Dress: Lilly Pulitzer | Cardigan: Carter's | Shoes: Old Navy 

A very Happy Monday to you! 


  1. Of course you had matching dresses... I am surprised Steven didn't have the same tie ;) And Im sure Charleston has a ton of these- but I have been scooping up some adorable jon-jons at an upscale consignment shop in Old Town- since these things are usually only worn once or twice and you can get them at a fraction of the cost!

  2. Aw, dying over here. those dresses/pics are SOOO cute!!

  3. Wow! Mommy and Charli look so BEAUTIFUL. What gorgeous pictures (and dresses)! Happy Belated Easter!