Thursday, April 10, 2014

Month of the Military Child:

I am so excited to be linking up with my good friend Kate over at Daffodils for this very special occasion.

April is the Month of the Military Child

As I sit here and reflect on the occasion of this month, I think of how different our children's childhoods will be from my own. I was born and raised in the same city and lived in 2 homes my entire life. I grew up going to one Elementary School, one Middle School, and one High School. I even attended College in the same city. Growing up seeing almost all of my family for every holiday, a random weekend, or a special occasion. Growing up with the same friends by my side... Friends who have been a part of my life for over 10 years and some even over 20. 
I knew things would be different for my children as I entered this world that is the Military.

When you marry someone serving in the Military, you marry their career, you marry the hardships, you marry the many days you spend apart, you marry their branch of service, and you marry any and every thing that is thrown your way because of it. I knew what I was getting into when marrying Steven; he is my best friend, man of my dreams, and though it may be hard and tough at times, this is the life that God had planned for me, for us, and it is one I will cherish and live for every day of my life!

I also knew that this would mean our children would endure everything his career throws our way...
Duty Days
Moving every couple of years
Saying goodbye to friends and family
Making new friends
And so much more...

Charli is still very young and doesn't know anything that is going on, but she soon will. She also hasn't had to endure much since she has known Daddy to be home with us (except for a few week long trainings he has had to leave us for here and there). I am so incredibly thankful that Steven has been able to be home with us for her entire first 2 years of life and will be for a little while longer. That also means he will thankfully be here for the birth of our son along with his first year of life.
But this is how we planned it. We planned to have children right away, not only because we both wanted to be parents more than anything, but because we knew we had a few short years of Steven being on shore duty. Planning is a huge part of being in the Military or being a Military Spouse, but I also know that at any time, plans can change... You just have to be ready for it.

It has truly been a blessing to have Steven be a part of every first for our little girl and I am praying he is home for every first of our little boy! 

But all of this doesn't mean that Charli hasn't already dealt with change... Before she turned a year old we had already made a move cross country, living in her 2nd State on the complete opposite side of the U.S. and in her 2nd home... 
And this my friends is only the beginning... 

The things that our children will go through will be heart breaking, hard, sad, difficult, challenging, yet strengthening, loving, encouraging, uplifting, and somehow in it all, beautiful. 

On the day we as a family have to say goodbye to Steven for a long time will be the absolute hardest day of my life. It brings tears to my eyes as I write this, just thinking about our children and what will be going through their little minds. I have to be strong for them and let them know all is alright and Daddy will be home soon. 

This is why our time with Daddy is cherished so much more and we thank the Lord for every single day he is home with us, eating dinner at the dinner table, being there for bath time, telling us goodnight, and falling asleep by our side!

Not only is Steven my hero, but so are my children!

To all Military Children!


  1. I love your part about planning. Ha! We tried that. We were going to get pregnant right before Jarrod deployed for 7 months so that he would get home and we would have the baby. Then we wound up pregnant sooner than expected and had Charlotte right smack dab in the middle of deployment! But it all worked out fine and it will for you too when the life or the military changes your plans.

  2. Thanks to your husband for his service and for YOU being such a supportive wife!!

  3. We are really going to be thankful for technology this time around and hope that it helps Wells 'know' Daddy when Kev gets back. I am glad Bennett won't remember and sort of dreading all of Cullen's questions when we tell him in a few weeks.. bring on the wine for that one. So glad that Steven will be home for Campbell/Carter/Cohen/Chapmen/Cullen Jr/NowImjustsayingCnames arrival!

  4. I love love love that last line about your children being your heros as well. So sweet and yet so very true. They are the toughest.

    I'm stopping by from the link-up! Love your cute little blog.

  5. Love these pictures of newborn Charli with her daddy all dressed up! Our kids sure are special! :)

  6. My husband missed my son's entire first year and you wouldn't know it by their relationship now (my son is 4 years old). We also have an almost 9 month old girl and my husband has been home for all of her firsts. It has been quite nice. :) You have a beautiful family! :)

    Karen @ And Then We Laughed

  7. I LOVE this post. I can only imagine the lifestyle of being a military family. I am so THANKFUL that you're family has been able to stay close together for Charli; although I understand that can change in a minute. Thank you for your service to our country; in my opinion, you are all my heroes.