Friday, July 11, 2014

Crafting Chronicles: Row Row Row Your Boat:

Baby boy's nursery is finally coming along and is almost complete!
Only a few more things to be finished up and we will be ready to bring him home! 
I had a few DIY projects to do for his room and will be sharing all of them when completed. 

If you remember, I made a pallet sign for Charli's nursery that is now in her Big Girl Room, and I knew I wanted to make something similar for baby boy as well. I came up with doing a "Row Row Row Your Boat" pallet sign for him. It turned out perfect and I am in love with how it looks up on his wall. When asked what bubba's song is, Charli starts singing "row row row a boat, gently stream, merry merry dream"... Ugh, yeah, cutest thing ever! 
I love how aware she is with the baby, how she knows it is "bubba's room", and how much love she gives my tummy! 
We are all so excited to expand our little family! 


But on to the project...

Things you will need:
*Pallet Wood
*Ply Wood
*A sexy handy man
*Paint Brush
*Old towel
*Acrylic Paint
*Wood Glue

We started with our pallet wood and some stain we had leftover from previous projects

I didn't want the sign to be dark, but just a little more distressed/weathered. I had Steven use a mixture of stain and water to brush on to the wood, followed by immediately wiping it off with an old towel 

 This gives it more of a weathered look and I love how different each piece turns out!

After staining, make Ply Wood backing to attach all pieces together
Saw the sign to the desired size
Sand all edges
Stencil and paint the words you wish 

The one thing I wanted was for the "boat" part of the sign to be an actual boat (just like Charli's "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" sign has a starfish as the "star"). 
So my handy dandy husband whipped up a sailboat for me out of leftover ply wood we had lying around (didn't get any pictures as he did this while I was laying in bed resting). 
He sanded the edges
I painted the boat
Then we glued the boat using some wood glue
And voila!

Our "Row Row Row Your Boat" sign!
I am in love with how it turned out!

More crafts coming soon!

Happy Friday and Happy Crafting!


  1. "A sexy handy man" HA! Awesome. And I think it turned out fabulous. So adorable and I can't wait to see the rest!!

  2. So cute!! You guys are seriously so crafty! After the military..opening your own shop?! ;)