Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Update: A Three Day Weekend & The start to my Birthday Week:

Is July really almost over? 
The only thing that makes it OK that we are already at the end of the month is that it's time to celebrate Momma's Birthday! ;) 
(Even though I get "No Momma, not Momma Happy Day... Happy Charli Day") haha
And an extra day spent with Daddy this weekend made it even better!

Friday started pretty low key and consisted of playing, reading, and a little backyard time. Charli also felt baby boy move for the first time and it was pure joy! He had the hiccups and Sesame Street was on so I knew I could get her to sit still for a minute. She was sitting right next to me so I grabbed her hand and placed it on my stomach and told her to feel bubba, he had the hiccups. A moment later her face lit up and she looked at me and said "awwwww cute, bubba hittups" and she laid her head on my stomach and gave him a kiss... My heart was happy! 
Steven got home a little early Friday afternoon so I could head to my massage appointment. Thank you again honey, it was much needed. After my massage I headed home to find this waiting for me...
Charli serenading the cul de sac...

And my little grit helping Daddy work on and clean his bike...

 (Seriously, she is always so dirty when I get home... I don't know how I am going to handle a little boy! ;))

 And my little grit baby trying to get to Mommy... haha

Friday ended with me and my hubby cuddled up in bed before 8pm!

Saturday morning was the perfect kind of lazy weekend morning... 
Family breakfast, Jammies, Coffee, and Saturday morning cartoons. 

As I sat there adoring my little family on this perfect weekend morning, all I could think about was in a few short weeks there will be another little member snuggled up on us making life even better!

Steven headed out for a morning bike ride before it got too hot and Charli helped me clean the doors and windows and dust (she's such a little help)! 

After Steven got home we decided to check out a place near by called Monkey Joe's. It is an indoor play room/arcade with bounce houses everywhere. 

We actually weren't too impressed by it as it seemed to be catered more towards older kids and with it being a Saturday, it was packed with older kids. They had a couple of different areas for children under 3 but Charli did not seem too impressed. 
Oh well... At least we tried it and she seemed to enjoy herself a little bit which was good! 

After we left we headed over to the outlets to do a little shopping before heading home. 

Saturday evening consisted of a little movie date night; Lone Survivor
And another early bedtime!

 Sunday morning Steven was up before the sun to head to his 4th race of the Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series. Charli and I snoozed and then headed out later that morning to meet daddy after the race. 

 Steven won the bike portion of the race out of the over 250 racers with the fastest bike, averaging over 24 mph. Way to go honey! We are so proud of you! 

After the race we headed to the campgrounds to hang out with some friends for a little bit before the heat got too much for this preggo and we headed home.
Then family nap time it was! 

After we all woke up we headed out back for a little fun in the sun...
Afternoon snacks and sprinkler time!

To make the weekend even better, Steven had today off, which meant he was able to join me at my OB appointment this morning while Charli played with the nanny! It was a pretty quick appointment that went really well! We got to hear baby boys heart beat, I got checked out again, and everything is looking good! We could possibly be welcoming baby boy next week! We shall see! 

Since the appointment was relatively quick we decided to enjoy a morning date just the two of us! 
It was the perfect morning with my favorite man, strolling around downtown, walking hand in hand, and doing a little shopping before the Heat Advisory went into effect. 
It has been a scorcher of a day with feel like temps of up to 115 degrees, so needless to say we were inside the rest of the day since I can't enjoy the pool or anything to stay cool. 
So it was a lot of playing, napping, playing hide n seek with Charli (her new favorite game), and putting baby boys car seat in the car (we are definitely ready for him!) 

We ended our perfect little three day weekend with a pizza dinner as a family and are now buckling down for some Severe Thunderstorms that are about to roll in. 

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend as well and a Happy Monday!
Here is to my last couple of days being 28! 


  1. What a wonderful weekend! Did you think Lone Survivor was as intense as I did?! Happy Birthday week!! :)

  2. Such a great weekend it sounds like!! Those pictures of Charli smooshed up against the glass are awesome. She is so cute!