Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekend Update: July Drill:

It was that time of the month again...
Drill Weekend

And with an Admiral visit I knew Steven would be even busier at work. 

Friday was a simple day with of course summer thunderstorms so the day consisted of playing inside, reading, coloring, and crafting. After a nice long nap for Charli and I we headed outside since the rain stopped and enjoyed some fresh air and snacks while we waited for daddy to get home late from work. 

We ended our Friday with a perfect Family Date Night to a super cute pizza joint that now carry's Gluten Free Pizza (yippee). Our family date night was going to be concluded with sitting outside enjoying a little ice cream, but that was cancelled due to the hellacious down pour that rolled in as we were climbing in the car. Oh well, it was still a perfect night enjoyed with my little family! 

Steven was up before the sun Saturday morning to head into work while Charli and I snoozed. Saturday was another day that called for those wonderful Southern Summer Thunderstorms, so we spent the morning playing, singing, dancing, cleaning, doing laundry, and organizing some things in baby boys nursery. After another long nap enjoyed by Charli and I we headed outside for some fresh air as the rain lit up. It was an afternoon of bubbles, sidewalk chalk, a special ice cream treat, and running around for one little girl!

After daddy got home, I started dinner, while my two loves ran around the front yard chasing each other and playing ring around the rosie (or "pot a fosie" as Charli likes to call it). I found myself standing at the door watching from afar with the biggest smile on my face as I touched my belly. Those are the simple moments I want to always remember. And the pure joy on both Steven and Charli's faces reminded me just how lucky I am to have such a wonderful loving family!

This morning Steven was back at work while Charli and I had our breakfast.
Today's forecast was yet more rain and thunderstorms (imagine that) ;)! 
I had a few errands I needed to run today along with a quick trip to the grocery store, so we got dressed and headed out. I really tried to take it easy while we were out and about and really listen to my body. Thankfully I was able to get most of everything done from my list, but while we were at the grocery store I knew I had overdone it. So I scurried through the aisle's as quick as I could so we could get home. After lunch and putting Charli down I climbed into bed and started crying. I couldn't move I was in so much pain and Steven was still at work. 
I didn't know what I was going to do once Charli woke up. 
Thankfully I was able to manage getting myself out of bed and holding on to every thing I possibly could to get across the upstairs to get to Charli after nap and Steven was home shortly after. 

The rest of our day consisted of me sitting or laying down and Charli and Steven heading outside for some more "pot a fosie" fun! 

We ended with a perfect family dinner and Charli's new Sunday ritual of getting to take a bubble bath in Mommy and Daddy's bath! 

It was a super simple and relaxing weekend for us girls and a very busy one for Steven. 
I am looking forward to cuddling up and watching as many Gossip Girl episodes I can tonight! ;)

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well! 
Here is to the last week that our little girl will be ONE...


  1. I love her facial expressions! She is so big!!

  2. Those bath pictures are amazing.. P.S. I started Gossip Girl. I'm obsessed!

  3. Not the point of the post: what season are you on? I love me some GG. Start Friday Night Lights next.. so good!