Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weekend Update: Our 4th Weekend:

I was so excited to celebrate this wonderful holiday weekend with my family for so many reasons...
I love all holidays and any reason to be festive and celebrate
I love all things about our wonderful country and to celebrate it is even better
Those three amazing little colors; Red, White, & Blue
Steven had a 4 day weekend
And some bed rest restrictions were lifted for me so I knew we could get out of the house a little more (while still being cautious of course)

So our weekend kicked off on Thursday...
Although waking up to the first hurricane of the season (Arthur) sitting right off of our coast wasn't exactly what I had pictured, having a morning of family snuggles in Mommy and Daddy's bed watching movies was absolutely perfect in my book!

(Pretty sure it didn't bother her one bit ;))

Thankfully Arthur didn't have any plans of staying long and all we got were a lot of grey yucky clouds, some rain, and wind. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon running errands around town picking up items from the 3 lists I had created (since being on bed rest) of all the things I still needed for baby boys room and things for a few crafts we needed to finish up. 

Friday morning we woke up wishing our nation a Happy Birthday! Charli ran around saying "Happy Day" and it was beyond adorable! And this Momma was ready to celebrate all things 
Red, White, & Blue all day long... 

 (Flags galore! And I am in love with the DIY pallet flag that Steven made for me for the front porch!)

 So why not kick the holiday off in style, starting with breakfast of course...

(Festive parfait's! Charli's new favorite breakfast!)

After our yummy breakfast Steven and Charli headed out for a little run while Mommy got to relax! 
When they got back we headed out to a new park we found to check it out.

 It was SUPER hot and in direct sun, making the slides burning hot, but you would have never known with how much fun this little one had running around playing!
We didn't stay long, but stayed long enough to get some red rosie cheeks and a sweaty little girl! 

When we got home there was only one thing to do... Go to the pool to cool off of course! 

 (I mean seriously... Is it weird that I want this bikini in my size?!)

After the pool it was back to the house for lunch and nap after a busy morning for one little girl!

And this for a certain Daddy...

After nap we headed to some good friends of ours house for a BBQ!

Thanks again Katey and Jules! It was wonderful being able to celebrate with you guys! 

 Then it was back to the house for sparklers, fireworks, and Charli's first s'more...
What more could you ask for!

 (Our 4th of July lantern!)

We truly had the best 4th of July! 
I may have overdone it and was in excruciating pain when laying down for the night, but I will cherish our memories and last 4th of July as a family of 3! 

Saturday morning Steven headed out for a bike ride while Charli and I lounged around and played inside. It was another super grey kind of day, and like I said, since I clearly over did it on the 4th, staying inside with my feet up is what I needed to do. 

After a family nap we decided to take Charli up to the pool to get a little energy out 

 (And yes, we were in Red, White, & Blue all weekend long... Would you expect anything else?!)

 This morning Steven was up bright and early for another Triathlon he had while Charli and I snoozed. We had agreed that it probably wasn't the best idea for me to go. 
Steven came in Third Place! We couldn't be more proud of him! 
Way to go honey you are seriously setting an example of Hall Family Fitness! 

Today was yet another gross, grey, rainy day (not sure if it is some outer bands still hanging around from the hurricane). So it was another day playing inside, watching the Tour de France, and lounging around. We eventually made it out of the house to do a little shopping before the rain hit. 

After another family nap (seriously, the exhaustion that I have right now...) we headed outside for Daddy and Charli to go on a bike ride in the short window they had before more rain hit!

 Then my lawn boy came over to do some yard work! 

It is ridiculously hilarious watching Bogey try to attack the lawn mower every single time Steven mows the yard! He jumps at it while barking and running away... So I had to try and capture it!
I die!

We ended our July 4th weekend with burgers, corn, watermelon and more s'mores! 

We truly had an amazing weekend. It was the perfect amount of festive fun, celebration, and relaxation! I wouldn't have changed a thing! 

I hope you too had an amazing holiday weekend! 


  1. It just wouldn't be the 4th without watermelon and s'mores! And wow - that's a good lookin' lawn boy you have! ;-)

  2. Frankie still attacks the lawn mower too..and now that I am THE law mower, I threaten to run him over every.time.

    Glad yall had a good weekend and you got to get out a bit!

  3. I'm just picturing your weekend.. in the South, all things American... sounds amazing! Glad you were able to enjoy your weekend!

  4. What a fun weekend!! I love Charli's monogrammed suit!! Her seat on the front of Steven's bike is so cool! I used to ride on the back of my dad's bike, but this is a way better view haha!