Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekend Update: Charli's Birthday Weekend:

Charli's birthday weekend kicked off on Thursday afternoon with Uncle Ya Ya's (Amia's) arrival! 

We spent Thursday afternoon playing with Uncle Ya Ya before heading out for dinner and a special ice cream treat for the birthday girl! 

After we got home we spent some time in the front yard so Charli could run around and play with her friends before we called it a night!

Friday morning was spent playing a little soccer out back followed by the pool to cool off!

After the pool it was lunch and naps (for Charli and I). While we napped, Steven and Amia ran a few errands and brought home a vintage nautical lantern that I have been in search of for baby boy's nursery! I have been searching for a while for the perfect lantern (of course I had exactly what I wanted in my head but couldn't find it), so needless to say, I was one happy preggo! 

After Charli woke up it was out to the garage to help Daddy clean the garage and Ya Ya clean his car... Seriously the girls favorite thing to do! haha! 
And of course play "pot a fosie" with Uncle Ya Ya!

Friday evening we headed out for pizza... and beer (for the boys). While also dealing with a complete and total meltdown and tantrum that Charli felt necessary to throw (seriously... these 2 year molars can come in ANY DAY now...). Nothing like celebrating your 2nd birthday with some tantrums due to teeth... Oh the terrible two's at it's finest! ;)

After we got home we gladly put Charli down and awaited the arrival of my mom and sister in law!
We spent the rest of the night hanging out and talking, and everyone except for myself getting to enjoy tequila shots. rude.
We were so happy to have everyone finally here! 

Saturday morning we were so excited to wake up and wish our sweet girl a very Happy Birthday!! 
And show her her special surprise... Nana and Aunt Jet!
I can't tell you how many times we sang to her that morning and said "Happy Charli Day"! 
She was one very happy little girl! 

We walked downstairs to a room full of balloons and special birthday waffles for breakfast! 

 After breakfast we let her open her presents! 

She is one spoiled little girl for sure and loved every thing she received! 
Thank you so much again for all the wonderful gifts! 

After presents were opened, we spent the rest of the morning playing with all of her new toys... 
like her new microphone from her great grandma

 Seriously... This child LOVES to perform for everyone. Her favorite thing to do is sing and dance and I'm pretty sure she loves it even more now, if that is possible! 
She is hilarious!

Then it was outside to play soccer with Daddy and Aunt Jet.
Only our daughter would have to play in the nude...

Hey, it's her birthday, she can do what she wants! ;)
And she got some birthday chores in...

The rest of our day was spent celebrating our little girl as a family! 

(I will be doing a separate post later this week on her "party"... stay tuned!)

I think Charli truly had a wonderful birthday! It was small and intimate and absolutely perfect! 
From the balloons, to breakfast, presents, family, cupcakes, and more... 
What else could a little girl ask for! 

 Then Mommy had to show Daddy up in a little birthday soccer... 
Just letting him know that I still have it in me... 
Even at almost 9 months pregnant, wearing a dress, and sandals... 

But first... Let me take a selfie
(almost 35 weeks)

 He got schooled! ;) 
15 years of soccer doesn't just go away! ;) Sorry honey! :) 
But don't worry, I took it very easy on him since I really shouldn't have even been up playing. I made sure I was very careful and was only on my feet for maybe 10 minutes and didn't even run. 

We ended our little girls 2nd birthday with more singing, candles, and special treats!

I still can't believe she is 2!

After putting Charli to bed, we had a little movie night and then we all crawled into our bed and watched Gossip Girl! 
I am seriously making sure everyone else gets hooked on this show because it is taking over my life! haha! 

This morning we woke up to Charli still saying "Happy Charli Day"! haha! Ohhhh how hard it is breaking the news to her! ;) After breakfast and lounging around we said goodbye to Nana and Aunt Jettie. Thank you so much for being able to come in town this weekend to celebrate our little girl! We love you both so much and can't wait to see you again! 

Steven then headed out for a morning ride, and Charli and I had to go and retrieve him 14 miles in due to a blown tire. After we got home it was time for lunch and naps. While Charli and I took our afternoon nap, Steven headed back out for another ride on his other bike before the down pouring rain came through. 

It has been a super lazy Sunday, consisting of sweats and thunderstorms all day, which honestly was fine by me. It was the perfect day and just what I needed since I have been in some excruciating pain (good thing I see my OB tomorrow). 

We did make it out to the garage for a bit to finish up my last craft for the nursery while Charli sang 
"Rain Rain Go Away"

All in all, it was the perfect kind of Sunday and the perfect end to a perfect birthday weekend for our little girl! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well! 


  1. Seriously? The nakie photos are too much! I love them! So cute!!!!

  2. Happy birthday! Those nakie photos are too much. Sooo cute! Looks like a perfect celebration.

  3. Just perfect pics!!! Happy birthday Charli!!!